Snazaroo Special Effects Face Paint Kit

Snazaroo Special Effects Face Paint Kit
Snazaroo Special Effects Face Paint Kit. Image: ©2007 Marion Boddy-Evans. Licensed to, Inc.

The Bottom Line

The Snazaroo special effects face paint kit would be perfect for painting gruesome Halloween faces as it comes with sculpting wax and fake blood. (In fact, two types of fake blood -- one in a cake form, like the other face paint colors, and the other a gel.) Of course, you don't have to use it for face painting designs involving blood; with green, black, and white paint you have the ideal colors for an ill-looking witch or monster!


  • Water-based face paint, compliant with FDA and EU toy and cosmetic regulations.
  • Apply with a damp brush or sponge. Remove with soap and water.
  • Kit includes wax for creating fake wounds and scars, plus two types of fake blood.
  • Three paint colors in the kit (black, green, white) can be mixed with one another.


  • Not the cheapest face paints around, but you're assured it's cosmetic quality.
  • Very limited leaflet with step-by-step instructions. (Just one page.)


  • Box contains three face paint colors (black, green, white), sculpting wax, cake blood and gel blood.
  • There's also a spatula for applying and modeling the wax, a make-up brush, and two make-up sponges.
  • Kit includes a printed page with step-by-step instructions for painting a cut finger, cut wrist, and a bullet hole.
  • The paints are compliant with FDA & EU toy/cosmetic regulations. For details, see the Snazaroo safety info on their website.
  • Paints are covered with a plastic; the safety info in kit states the paints should be used within 18 months of opening.

Guide Review - Snazaroo Special Effects Face Paint Kit

Snazaroo is a brand of face paints that's got a reputation for quality. Their paints are "fully compliant with EU and FDA toy and cosmetic regulations", something worth remembering when you're comparing prices of face paints.

The paints aren't the cheapest on the market, but I'd personally rather pay for quality if I'm putting it on my face.

The Special FX Kit isn't made just for Halloween, but that's the time of year that you've got an excuse to go over the top with your face paint. The sculpting wax in the kit makes it possible to create lumps and bumps (I mean scars and wounds) on your skin easily. The wax sticks straight onto your skin, you don't need glue of any kind. (Tip: Run a wet sponge along the edges to make them less visible.)

The kit box says the contents will create 50 effects. I've not painted that many faces yet, but no doubt it will depend on whether you're painting large adult faces or small children's faces, and how many special effects you create on a face.

I had wondered whether the wax would smell like furniture wax, but it's hardly got any smell at all. It's soft, the color of bee's wax, and easily to manipulate, either with the tiny plastic spatula or your fingers. (I found fingers easier, with the spatula useful for creating grooves in the wax.)

The leaflet in the kit is disappointing -- it's just one page. (In Snazaroo's Rainbow Face Painting Kit there's a leaflet of sample designs.) It explains in four steps how to make a scar on your wrist (as if your hand had been chopped off and sewn back on), and how to create a bullet hole and cut finger.

But I suppose we've all seen enough medical dramas to be able to create gruesome effects with fake blood.

If you're wanting face paints for an occasion other than Halloween, this isn't the kit to select. But for creepy faces, it's ideal.

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