Social Security Number Allocations by Location

Where Was the Social Security Number Issued?

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The first three digits of a person's Social Security number numbers can often help you to determine where your ancestor may have possibly been living when his/her SSN was issued (see exceptions below). These numbers can also be helpful in determining which listings in the SSDI may belong to your ancestor.

The first three digits of a person's Social Security number were, prior to 1973, determined by the state where the person applied fo their social security card.

Since that time, the first three digits have been assigned based on the ZIP Code of the mailing address on the Social Security number application.

The chart below shows the first 3 digits of the social security numbers assigned throughout the United States and its possessions.


001-003 New Hampshire (NH) 004-007 Maine (ME) 008-009 Vermont (VT) 010-034 Massachusetts (MA) 035-039 Rhode Island (RI) 040-049 Connecticut (CT) 050-134 New York (NY) 135-148 New Jersey (NJ) 159-211 Pennsylvania (PA) 212-220 Maryland (MD) 223-231 Virginia (VA) 232* West Virginia (WV) North Carolina (NC) 233-236 West Virginia (WV) 237-246 North Carolina (NC) 247-251 South Carolina (SC) 252-260 Georgia (GA) 261-267 Florida (FL) 268-302 Ohio (OH) 303-317 Indiana (IN) 318-361 Illinois (IL) 362-386 Michigan (MI) 387-399 Wisconsin (WI) 400-407 Kentucky (KY) 408-415 Tennessee (TN) 416-424 Alabama (AL) 425-428 Mississippi (MS) 429-432 Arkansas (AR) 433-439 Louisiana (LA) 440-448 Oklahoma (OK) 449-467 Texas (TX) 468-477 Minnesota (MN) 478-485 Iowa (IA) 486-500 Missouri (MO) 501-502 North Dakota (ND) 503-504 South Dakota (SD) 505-508 Nebraska (NB) 509-515 Kansas (KS) 516-517 Montana (MT) 518-519 Idaho (ID) 520 Wyoming (WY) 521-524 Colorado (CO) 525 New Mexico (NM) 526-527 Arizona (AZ) 528-529 Utah (UT) 530 Nevada (NV) 531-539 Washington (WA) 540-544 Oregon (OR) 545-573 California (CA) 574 Alaska (AK) 575-576 Hawaii (HI) 577-579 District of Columbia (DC) 580* Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico (PR) 581-584 Puerto Rico (PR) 585 New Mexico (NM) 586 Guam, American Somoa, Philippine Islands 587 Mississippi (MS) 589-595 Florida (FL) 596-599 Puerto Rico (PR) 600-601 Arizona (AZ) 602-626 California (CA) 627-645 Texas (TX) 646-647 Utah (UT) 648-649 New Mexico (NM) 654-658 South Carolina (SC) 667-675 Georgia (GA) 680 Nevada (NV) 700-728 RR Retirement Board (All States - until July, 1963) 764-765 Arizona (AZ)

* The same number, when shown with more than one area, means that certain numbers have been transferred from one State to another, or that an area has been divided for use among certain geographic locations.

Learn more about the other numbers in the Social Security Numbering Scheme.

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