Social Studies Topics

Left Brain or Right Brain?
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Social Studies is the study of human beings as they relate to each other and their environments. If you enjoy exploring people, their cultures, and behavior, you should enjoy social studies. There are many disciplines that fit under the umbrella of the social sciences, so you can narrow the field to one that most interests you as you select a research topic.

History Topics

  • Diets of Civil War Soldiers and Nutrition
  • WWII Women Who Worked and Returned to Homemaking
  • Confederate Symbols and Race in My Town
  • Inventions That Changed School Work
  • Midwives and Birth Rates
  • Local Architecture Patterns
  • Vanity in the Nineteenth Century
  • Vietnam War and Grandma
  • Country Doctors' Records
  • The Impact of a President's Visit
  • When Silverware Came to Town
  • Coal Camps in Local History
  • The Household Impact of the Discovery of Germs

Economics Topics

  • Do Attractive People Make More Money?
  • What Political Party Creates Job Growth?
  • Is Globalization Good or Bad?
  • International Treaties - Good or Bad
  • How Does the IMF Work?

Political Science Topics

  • Is the Media Really Biased?
  • How Do Polls Work?
  • How Does Fact Checking Work?
  • Race and Politics
  • Is the Electoral College Fair?
  • Political Systems Compared
  • What Is the New World Order?
  • Conspiracy Theories

Sociology Topics

  • Federal v. State Power
  • Food Regulation
  • What Opportunities Are Available to Specific Minority Groups?
  • Good and Bad Role Models
  • Religion and Politics
  • Building in Flood Zones
  • Marriage Customs Examined
  • Same Sex Marriage
  • Is It Ethical to Adopt ChildrenĀ from Third World Countries?
  • Population Control Around the World
  • Education: Private or Government Systems
  • Will Racism Ever Die?
  • The Roots of Regional Customs in America
  • How the Internet Affects Our Perception of Truth

    Psychology Topics

    • The Impact of River Traffic (on your hometown)
    • Where Do Our Apples Come From?
    • Could We Survive on Garden Foods Today?
    • Using a Local Currency
    • How Clothing Prices Affect Teenager Image
    • Does Walmart Help or Hurt Local Economy?
    • Renting Families, Owning Families, and PopularityWere Local Politicians Popular in School?Voting Habits: Grandmothers and Mothers
    • Are We Born Liberal or Conservative?
    • Political Messages from My Preacher
    • Television and Test Scores
    • Technology and Fitness Among Kids
    • TV Commercials and Self Image
    • Wii Games and Family Time
    • Superstitions and Family Traditions
    • Birth Order and Test Scores
    • A Secret Poll: Who Do You Hate?
    • Do Unusual Names Affect Grades?
    • Does Home Punishment Policy Affect School Performance?
    • Local Vocabulary Patterns
    • Why Do We Make Friends?
    • Are Girls' Teams as Competitive as Boys' Teams?
    • Snow Days: Cold States, Warm States, and Family Bonding
    • Anatomy of a Small Town Parade
    • Patterns of Lunchroom Seating
    • Bullying Yesterday and Today
    • Does Movie Violence Impact Behavior?
    • Facebook and Family Communication
    • What Would You Change About Your Body?
    • Procrastination and Technology
    • Why Kids Tell Lies
    • Clothing and Attitudes: Do Shopkeepers Treat Me Differently If I Dress Differently?
    • Does Citizen Status Affect Students' Self Esteem?
    • Are You Vulnerable to a Cult?
    • How Do Cults Work?