Update Roundup Includes Adobe Post, Texturino,BLCK INK,Aurora HDR and Camera Raw

Screens from Adobe Post, Aurora HDR Pro, BLCK INK and Texturino are shown.
Adobe Post, Aurora HDR Pro, BLCK INK and Texturino made this month's updates list.

February has been a rather busy month for updates, feature changes, interesting stuff and new products. This month we look at a rather interesting new pricing model for Aurora HDR Pro Pro, a rather significant update to Adobe’s Post app, a new Illustrator plugin from the wizards at Astute Graphics, the release of Camera Raw 9.4 from Adobe and a really interesting product – Blck Ink – from the company of the same name.

Let’s get started.

Adobe Post Gets A Big,Fat Update

Adobe Post, which I first reviewed here, was not exactly up there in my list of “must have” apps. As is so typical of first version apps, I felt the feature set was rather basic and finding a reason to use it, for me, was rather difficult. This has all changed with the latest update.  Post’s feature set has expanded to include:

  • Non-square formats which make it useful for banners and so on. As well there are a bunch of new sizes from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter to YouTube thumbnail.
  • New filters which provide quite an array of possible imaging effects. As well, the filters are now named.
  • Auto resize when you switch from, say, a YouTube Thumbnail to a Facebook Ad.
  • An expanded collection of template designs
  • The inclusion of video tutorials showing how to use a particular feature.

Adobe Post is iOS only , free and is available at the App store.

I still don’t understand why a company like Adobe, that is committed to mobile design and development tools, is so focused on iOS.

I am sure there is an Android version of Post under development but they seem to have an inability to release Android and iOS versions of their apps at the same time.

Texturino From Astute Graphics Lets Illustrator Go Grunge

The wizards at Astute Graphics are constantly creating Illustrator Plug Ins that extend the functionality of the application into areas that are quite unexpected.

Texturino, their latest plug in, provides you with ability to add and manipulate texture fills to Illustrator objects. Unlike the Texture fills that are packaged with Illustrator Texturino allows you to work with the object on the Canvas not a separate window. You select the object to be filled, select the Texturino tool and apply the texture. From there you can manipulate the texture, for example change the Blend mode, rotate it and change its opacity, using the handles. Along with the plug in they also have a texture brush which can further blend the texture into the selected object. There is also an Opacity Brush which is ideal for further tweaking of the selected object. Best of all , these tools work together and in real time. I plan to do “How To” around all of this later this month.

Blck Ink Is A Sketcher’s Dream

I was speaking at a conference in San Francisco last month and one of the presenters took me aside and wondered if I wanted to see something rather interesting. What she showed me was Blck Ink.

Essentially Blck Ink – yes it is spelled correctly – is a special ink pen with an accompanying note book and iPhone app. You open the note book and then you start sketching with the pen.

When finished, you tap the curled up page graphic on the page used for drawing and the drawing is instantly sent to the app.

How this all works is through the use of a camera in the pen. It captures all of your strokes and, when sent to the app, is sent in the form of an editable PDF which can then be opened and edited in Illustrator.

Macphun’s New Pricing Model

The interesting thing about our business is that it is populated both with the hard-core pros and the casual user who simply wants to do “cool stuff”. Macphun, those wonderful people who brought us Aurora HDR, have realized this and now let you either pay up front for the software or make three equal payments of $33.00/month depending on your location.

Other news concerning Aurora is there an update to Aurora HDR Pro about to be released and that localization is coming to the application.

Expect to see German, Spanish, and Japanese language versions of Aurora HDR arriving within the next month or so.

Camera Raw 9.4 Arrives

In case you missed it, Adobe has updated Camera Raw to version 9.4 and can be updated through Photoshop CC or the CreativeCloud desktop. Apart from a whole slew of cameras and lenses now supported by Camera Raw 9.4, there is now a Boundary Warp feature for panoramas that “fixes” the common distortion found in non-rectangular boundaries.