Solar Eclipses - Extraordinary New Moons

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Solar Eclipses are very meaningful New Moons.  That makes them spiked times of change -- both within and without.  

Since the Sun and Moon are in the same Zodiac sign, the energies of that sign are supersized.  It's a concentration that can greatly impact you, if it glances off a significant point in your chart.

There are four eclipses in 2016.  Here are the dates:

  • March 8th - Total Solar Eclipse at 18° Pisces 57'
  • March 23rd - Total Lunar Eclipse 03° Libra 10'
  • September 1st - Partial Solar Eclipse 09° Virgo 23' 
  • September 16th - Total Lunar Eclipse 24° Pisces 13'

The power of a Solar Eclipse will be heightened, if it engages (by aspect) a planet or significant point in your birth chart. 

Alarm Clock of the Luminaries

A Solar Eclipse happens at the New Moon, which is often a restful, void like atmosphere of darkness. This eclipse blocks the Sun, a symbol of radiating outward, and conscious awareness, along with all things worldly. 

The Sun is vitality, personal will, making this a highly charged, though internal moment. It's how we see ourselves (identity), and the shared reality.  And yet this is eclipsed, and an underlying reality is revealed. 

This brings big life changes, especially if it makes meaningful contact with your chart.

The effects of the eclipse can linger for six months or more. Eclipses come in pairs (or trios), and in two weeks, there's a lunar eclipse to set in the changes. You may feel that something big is about to happen weeks before the date of the pair (or trio) of eclipses. Our most intimate cosmic bodies -- Sun, Moon and Earth -- are in synch, clicking into place for a new beginning.

What will be eclipsed in your life?

What is a Solar Eclipse?

At the point when the Moon's face is darkened, it's blocking out the solar light from beaming on the Earth. When there's perfect alignment on the Earth's orbital ecliptic, then it's a total black-out, a.k.a. a total solar eclipse. When the Sun is only partially blocked, it's called an annular solar eclipse.

The Moon (instinct, the subconscious, emotion) comes between the Earth and its source of external light. What happens when the light goes out?!

The solar eclipse can trigger upsetting changes. The driving force behind these changes have been churning for weeks prior. At the New Moon, they can no longer be ignored, and become the new reality. They are events that happen out of the blue though the stage had been set. It might make sense on some deeper level, but still be a total surprise.

Look at the Zodiac sign of the eclipse, for hints at themes likely to show up for you. Take note of where the new Moon falls in your chart and any planets it engages with. Then let your intuitive mind work its magic.

Follow the psychic hits that come from looking at the house and any planets or points, that are engaged by the eclipse. What a great time for new Moon rituals or intention-setting!

Your focused attention at this time brings big rewards, when you have a clear idea of what you'd like to a) draw into your life or b) heal or let go of. It's also powerful to just surrender to a higher force, and allow that to work its magic.

What's up with the Eclipse?

The full impact of the eclipse may or may not be clear. Sometimes it takes many months for all the subsequent events to ripple out. If you believe as I do that there's a higher hand at work, then it's easier to trust in life even when it's looking like drama, crisis and one jarring event after another.

It's a potent time that dislodges us and sends us zooming along a new path. In the end, you may look back at eclipse events as the thing that got you on track, deepened your character or shocked you awake.

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