Somehow I Attract Ghosts

Sarah believes that she is a beacon for ghosts, which explains all the strange activity around her

My boyfriend and I live together in his mother's home. This happened between November 2015 to present day March, 2016. I have been having trouble sleeping lately because I have had several night terrors again. Not so bad as my past experiences, but enough to wake up in tears. I also predicted the birth of my best friend's daughter to be on my birthday and so it was.

I continue to hear residual gunshots that wake me after I do finally fall asleep.

We went to visit my boyfriend's cousin last week. It was late, probably around 9:30 p.m. when he told us, "I think my house is haunted and it scares me." No sooner had he said that when lights started going on and off in his room. His television, which he had left on, went off for one minute and came back on all of a sudden. He said that had never happened before and I suppose my energy busted the spirit's energy.

The strange thing about me is that I can never get away. It's like I'm a lighthouse and spirits show off because they know I will notice.

Back to the home I live in now, though. Something has changed and it feels like the mood and energy has darkened. My dogs constantly bark at nothing outside and nothing inside. Our basement gives me an unnerving feeling. Some days it's flat-out overwhelming.

My mom told me the first time she came in the house that there was something bad in it.

She said, "Something just doesn't feel right at all." She doesn't come in our home and didn't even want to store her furniture in our basement.

A few weeks ago we walked out of the house and locked the door and stood there for a second taking in the beautiful day because we had been stuck inside due to snow.

As we stood there admiring the sunshine, we heard our door bell ring. We both looked at each other in disbelief.

My boyfriend won't admit something is going on here. I do no not like this land and have had misfortune here. I tell him all the time, "Baby, I don't like this place and want to leave." I have been very sick here and had many breathing problems. I do feel extremely safe with my boyfriend at home, but it's just me... I can feel something hovering over me.

Last Thanksgiving I was putting up Christmas lights and was pushed by something unseen. Luckily, I only had bruised ribs and a few were pulled out from in between the bone leaving bone on bone rubbing. Very painful stuff. I was beyond lucky, honestly, because I came close to hitting my neck. I don't know what to do sometimes. I want to help others with their paranormal struggles, but how can I do that when I am having my own?

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