What Does Sono Toori Desu Mean in Japanese?

The word "exactly" in Japanese is Sono Toori Desu; it is used to convey agreement with something that's been said. 

 “Sono” means “that” and “tōri” means road and way. In Japanese, the word means you're on the right track or you agree with what was said. 

Usage in a Sentence

That’s exactly how I feel. (私も同じ考えです。) Watashi mo onaji kangae desu.

 “Kangae” means “thought” so with this phrase you are saying “I think the same” or “I have the same thought.”

Related Words and Phrases

However, there are several other ways to say you agree in Japanese. Here are some of them:

  • I agree (賛成です), Sansei desu. Sansei, which means “approval," is a more formal way to convey agreement in Japanese.
  • Absolutely (全くその通り。) Mattaku sono tōri. “Mattaku” means completely.
  • Of course (もちろんです。) Mochiron desu. This is yet another way to show agreement in Japanese.

Pronunciation of Sono Toori Desu

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Japanese Characters for Sono Toori Desu


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