Crack the ACT With Free Practice Tests

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Earning a good score on the ACT is essential for admission to many colleges and universities. Test-prep courses and textbooks can cost hundreds of dollars, but you can also find ACT review apps that are free or require only that you register an account.

This site is the home of ACT Inc., the nonprofit organization that operates the ACT and PreACT exams. In addition to fee-based services and products, ACT also offers a number of free study resources. Prepare with just a few practice questions for each test section, or pop over to their media area and download and print a pdf file of strategy, test tips and a complete free ACT practice test, including the ACT Writing prompt.

The Princeton Review

The Princeton Review, one of the most widely known test prep companies in the world, offers free in-person and online ACT practice tests. After the test, you'll receive a detailed performance report with personalized tips on how to improve your score. Princeton Review also offers fee-based study aids for the ACT and other placement exams starting at $99.


Peterson's, known for all sorts of educational publications like test prep, college preparation, college selection and more, also offers a free ACT practice test. You'll need to sign up for an account (which is free), and then register to take the online, timed test. After your test, your strengths and weaknesses will be assessed, and you'll be better able to develop strategies for the exam. After you've assessed your performance, you purchase full-length ACT practice tests.


Kaplan is the largest test-prep organization in the world. Like Princeton Review, you can take free online ACT practice tests and review sessions. You can also enter your zip code to find free in-person reviews. After you've assessed your strengths and weaknesses, you can invest in other Kaplan ACT review services, such as self-paced online study or in-class courses, starting at $299.

McGraw-Hill's Practice Plus

McGraw-Hill is an established educational publisher that offers a number of study guides and review resources for the ACT and other academic exams. On their website, you'll find free ACT practice tests, as well as video tutorials that cover the test categories of science, math, English, and reading comprehension. You'll also find links to McGraw-Hill's online bookstore, where you can purchase ACT study textbooks. (as in No. 2 pencil) is a free ACT test-prep website that was founded by two Harvard University professors. Unlike the other free ACT resources listed in this review, relies on outside advertising to support itself, which some people may find intrusive. The site offers free tutorials for both the ACT and GRE, as well as access to tutoring services.


Magoosh is another established name in test-prep for the ACT, SAT, and other exams. They don't offer free ACT tests, but they do have a blog with a dedicated ACT resource section. You'll find posts written by Magoosh staff with study strategies, tips and tricks, and more.

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