5 Sources for Free SAT Prep

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Free SAT prep is the best. Of course, free is only good if the product you're receiving is top-notch. Free SAT practice quizzes, tests, sample questions and apps that are terrible or completely off-target aren't worth taking the time to use. Here is a list of some great free SAT prep you can use to get yourself prepared for this major test. And practicing beforehand is an absolute must for this sort of high-stakes exam! Start now without investing any cash on the project. If you need help, you can always pick up a book, hire a tutor, or investigate online prep options later.

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Test Prep on About.com

Bingo! I have some free SAT prep options for you right here on this site: SAT practice quizzes! Math, Writing, and Critical Reading are all represented and are accessible in a short format so you can see how you'll fare on the real deal. Although these quizzes aren't full-length or timed, they can help paint a picture of the types of questions you'll see on the exam and provide feedback for those that trip you up. Use these as a jumping off point!

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College Board

Need a full-length version of the entire SAT exam? College Board, the makers of the SAT test, offer several different ways to help you prepare. First, they provide practice questions to help you warm up to the content for each section of the test. Then, they go a step further and provide a full-length practice SAT test. After the test, you can see exactly how well you've done with immediate scoring, question breakdowns, and feedback. You can choose to either print the exam and take it like you would on test day – on paper – or you can choose to take the test online and have access to your scores immediately. Testers can even write the SAT essay online. Awesome. Plus, since you're getting the test from the makers of the test, you'll know how accurate it really is.

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Free SAT Apps

Unfortunately, not all apps are created the same. Some of the SAT apps out there that you can download can be completely awful. Full of glitches, necessary upgrades, or expensive in-app purchases, one look and you think, "This is not going to help me at all. Why did I bother to download it?" Others, though, due to adaptability or likeness to the test are incredibly helpful. Some of those are even free! Here are some of the best free SAT apps to help you get ready for the big day, and others that are not so free, but still fantastic.

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I Need a Pencil

Founded by Jason Shah when he was just in high school, this company offers free SAT prep for any student who wants to achieve but perhaps doesn't have the resources for test prep. Their mission is to close the achievement gap; through their site and generous donors, they're doing it. Kids from every socio-economic level have benefited from this web site, which is rich with SAT resources. On the site, you'll find 60 engaging, thorough lessons for every SAT subject, more than 800 test questions to get any student ready for the big day, and score projectors that can predict your success on the SAT. This one's a winner! Extra points for helping serve the community, as well!

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Number 2

Over 2 million students have used this site to prep for the SAT…for free. Here, you'll find practice exams, questions and words of the day, and basic SAT information to prep you for test day. There is even a space for a "coach" like a parent, tutor, or teacher to sign in and track your progress, so they'll know how to tailor their SAT tutoring for you. (This is a good thing. I promise). The SAT Companion (also free) automatically adapts to your skill level and can send you an email reminder about studying, not that you'd need that or anything.

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