South Park Slams Loud Harley Riders, Predictable Controversy Ensues

South Park Harley F-Word Episode

"Why is it that every time we try to have a relaxing day," Cartman declares at the top of a much-discussed South Park episode, "a bunch of a******s on their Harley motorcycles show up?"

We've seen plenty of Harley hatin' here on our blog comments, but the show adds a whole new dimension to the anti-H-D stance. The episode depicts a pack of bikers whose disruptively loud Harleys prove too irritating for the truth-blurting, foul-mouthed lead characters.

As the decibel assault escalates, the kids take the matter into their own hands, lobbying to have the dictionary definition of the term "f*g" changed to "annoying, inconsiderate Harley riders."

I won't put too fine a point on the suggested correlation between the Harley-Davidson brand and raucous exhausts, but if you've ever been annoyed by loud bikes, you can probably identify with the outrage expressed in the episode. And regardless of your stance on the ever-popular debate as to whether or not loud pipes save lives, you'll likely find humor (or irritation) in the show that's so controversial, the New York Times has reported that a gay advocacy group is protesting of the episode. Watch the 22-minute show here, and let us know: does South Park go too far, or do Harley riders really deserve a bad rap?

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Photo © South Park Studios; click to enlarge