Spanish Baby Names


Los pies de un bebé. (A baby's feet.). Gabi Menashe/Creative Commons.

Are you looking for a Spanish name for your baby boy? Or perhaps you need a name to use in your Spanish class, or even for a pet?

This list of Spanish boys' names includes many of the most popular names used in the United States and around the Spanish-speaking world.

Many of the names will look familiar — English itself uses some names that have come from Spanish, and Spanish speakers have drawn from other languages, particularly European ones, for baby boys' names.

English equivalents for many of the names are given below where they aren't obvious, and in many cases the names' possible original meanings and famous men who had those names.

This list, of course, is far from complete. These days, also, it is not usual for Spanish-speaking people to select names of movie stars, singers and other famous people, even if the names aren't in Spanish.

See also this list of Spanish names for baby girls.

  • Aarón (Aaron, brother of Moses in the Bible)
  • Abraham, Abrán (father of many)
  • Absalón (Absalom)
  • Adán (Adam)
  • Agnano (also the name of an Italian town)
  • Alberto (Albert, name of Germanic origin. Alberto Del Río is a Mexican wrestler.)
  • Alejandro (Alexander, protector. Alejandro González Iñárrito is a Mexican film and TV director.)
  • Alfonso (Alfonso Cuarón is a Mexican film producer.)
  • Amadeo (lover of God)
  • Anastacio (resurrection)
  • Andrés (Andrew)
  • Ángel, Ángelo (angel)
  • Antonio (Anthony. Antonio Banderas is a Spanish actor.)
  • Arsenio (virile. Arsenio Hall is an American comedian and TV host.)
  • Augusto (venerated. This is also the eighth month of the year, named after the first Roman emperor. Augusto Pinochet was a Chilean dictator.)
  • Bartolomé (Bartholomew, son)
  • Benedicto (Sixteen popes have been named Benedicto in Spanish.)
  • Benito (Benito Juárez was a president of Mexico.)
  • Benjamín (Benjamin, favorite son)
  • Evo (Evo Morales is the president of Bolivia.)
  • Caleb (God's warrior)
  • Ceferino
  • Carlos (Carl)
  • Celestino (heavenly)
  • Claudio
  • David
  • Diego (James. Diego Rivera was a Mexican painter.)
  • Dino (justice)
  • Diógenes (searcher for God)
  • Dión (dedicated to God)
  • Eduardo (Edward)
  • Efraim, Efrain (Ephraim, Biblical name)
  • Elías (Elijah, Biblical name)
  • Eliseo (God watches my health)
  • Enrique (Henry, prince. Enrique Iglesias is one of Spain's best-known singers. Enrique Peña Nieto is the president of Mexico.)
  • Emanuel (God is with us)
  • Ernesto (Earnest. Ernesto Guevara, usually known as Che, was a Latin American revolutionary.)
  • Esteban (Steven)
  • Eustacio
  • Fabio
  • Felipe (lover of horses, Phillip)
  • Felix (happy)
  • Fernando (Fernando Valenzuela was a baseball player.)
  • Fidel (faithful. Fidel Castro was a Cuban revolutionary and longtime president.)
  • Fortunato (fortunate)
  • Francisco (Francis. This is the name used by the current pope.)
  • Gabriel
  • Gael (Gael García Bernal is a Mexican actor.)
  • Gerardo (Gerard)
  • Guillermo (William. Guillermo del Toro is a Mexican filmmaker.)
  • Hugo (clear thinker)
  • Isaac
  • Isaías (Isaiah)
  • Iván
  • Jacinto (like a flower)
  • Jacob
  • Jacobo (Jacob)
  • Jaime (This name is sometimes used as the equivalent of James, although it has a different origin.)
  • Javier (new house)
  • Jesús (Jesus)
  • Joaquín
  • Joel
  • Jorge (George. Papa Francisco, the current pope, was born as Jorge Mario Bergoglio. Jorge Luis Borges was an Argentine writer.)
  • José (Joseph)
  • Juan (John)
  • Julio (Julio Iglesias is a famous Spanish singer and composer.)
  • Julián
  • Leo (lion)
  • Leonardo (Leonard)
  • Luca (Luke)
  • Lucas (Luke)
  • Luis (Louis)
  • Luperco
  • Manuel (God is with us)
  • Marco, Marcos (Mark. Marco Rubio is a U.S. senator.)
  • Martín (Martin)
  • Mateo (Matthew)
  • Maximiliano (biggest)
  • Miguel (Michael. Miguel de Cervantes was one of the world's first novelists.)
  • Moisés (Moses)
  • Nataniel (Nathan, gift of God)
  • Neptuno (god of the waters)
  • Nicolás (victorious in the city)
  • Noé (Noah)
  • Octavio (eighth)
  • Orlando
  • Óscar (Óscar de la Renta was famous Dominican clothing designer.)
  • Pablo (Paul, short. Pablo Picasso was a Spanish painter.)
  • Rafael (Raphael)
  • Ramón (Raymond, protector)
  • Raúl (warrior. Raúl Castro is the president of Cuba.)
  • René
  • Ricardo (Richard)
  • Rigoberto (rich)
  • Roberto (Robert)
  • Rolando
  • Roque (strong like a rock)
  • Salvador (savior. Salvador Dali was a Spanish painter. Salvador Allende was a Chilean president.)
  • Santiago (James)
  • Sebastián (respected)
  • Set (Seth)
  • Sergio
  • Silvestre (Sylvester, forest)
  • Sócrates (authoritative)
  • Stefano (Steven)
  • Teodoro (Theodore)
  • Tomás (Thomas)
  • Umberto (color of the earth)
  • Valentín
  • Vicente (Vincent. Vicente Fox was a president of Mexico.)
  • Victor
  • Xavier (brilliant)
  • Zacarías (Zachariah, whom God remembers)


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