Spanish Lessons via Email

Courses Help You Learn a Little Spanish Each Day

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Mailbox in Santa María Aticpac, Mexico. Photo by Esparta Palma used under terms of Creative Commons license.

Need a reminder to learn a little Spanish each day? Are you looking for some quick lessons, or a random sampling of what Spanish has to offer? If so, one of our email courses may be what you're looking for.

Each of our email courses features useful information as well as links to lessons and/or vocabulary pages on the site.

Here's what we offer:

: This is our most popular email course. Each day you will receive a new vocabulary word along with its definition and an example of its usage in a sentence. Most of the vocabulary is at an intermediate or advanced level, although even beginners can benefit from seeing how these words are used in the sample sentences. Each daily installment also has links to a lesson on vocabulary or grammar.

: If you're brand new to learning Spanish, this is the email course for you. We use mostly basic words, and we keep the sample sentences straightforward so that you can better see how the words are being used. Once you finish this course, you'll be ready for the regular Word of the Day.

: Just what its title implies, the mini-course features links to lessons in basic Spanish. By studying a few lessons each day, the beginning student will have a knowledge of the basic concepts of Spanish grammar as well as learn some of the most essential words of the language.

: Each day you receive a Spanish proverb, saying or quotation along with its translation in English the following day. This series of mini-lessons lasts about six months.