Spanish Road Signs

Words To Know Before Driving in Spain or Latin America

Driving can be a relaxing experience with the right sounds.

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Try driving in a Spanish-speaking country, and you probably won't have too much difficulty with the signs — many of the essential signs use pictures or symbols that are recognized internationally, speed limits are expressed in numbers that you already know, and destination signs probably don't need translation. Even so, and especially once you're off the major highways, you may come across signs where the following list can help.

The following list indicates some of the words commonly used on signs. Keep in mind that in some regions you may see different words used than those listed here.

bus stopparada
dead endsin salida
detourdesvío, desviación
downtown, city centercentro
no entryentrada prohibida
no passingadelantamiento prohibido
one-wayde sentido único, sentido obligatorio
parkingestacionamiento, aparcamiento (Verb forms are estacionar, aparcar and paquear, depending on the region. Parking is sometimes symbolized by a capital E or capital P, depending on the region.)
prohibitedprohibido, prohibida
road closedcamino cerrado
speed bumptope
stopalto, pare or stop, depending on the region
speed limitvelocidad máxima (typically indicated in kilometers per hour, often abbreviated km/h)
tollpeaje, cobro
viewpoint vista de interés
yieldceda, ceda el paso

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