When Your Spark Plug Wells Fill with Oil

Does This Problem Need an Immediate Fix?

Question: What Does It Mean When Your Spark Plug Wells Are Filled with Oil?

I recently pulled out the spark plug wire and found there is engine oil in the plug well. This problem has me worried and I need advice. Is it a big problem I should get fixed right away?

Answer: Repair Oil Leaks Into the Spark Plug Wells As Soon As Possible

There is an O-ring that seals the spark plug well and keeps oil from leaking into it.

As with any valve cover gasket, it will start to leak over time. Sometimes tightening the valve cover bolts will stop the leakage, but more often than not the valve cover gasket, and well seals, will need to be replaced.

The seals will come with the valve cover gasket set. I would get it fixed as soon as possible. The oil will cause the spark plug boot to swell and lead to a misfire. This will certainly hurt engine performance as well as a possible engine fire.

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