Element Names That Can Be Spelled Using Element Symbols

Using Symbols To Write Element Names

Krypton on chalkboard
You can spell the word "krypton using element symbols. michaklootwijk, Getty Images

There are only a few element names that can be spelled out using element symbols, the one- and two- letter shorthand used to identify elements on the periodic table and in chemical equations. Here is an alphabetical list of these element names. Note copper and phosphorus repeat element symbols to form their names. Although the names for arsenic, copper, iron, silver, and tin may be spelled out using element symbols, they cannot be written using their own element symbols. Oganesson and tennessine are two of the latest element names added to the periodic table that can be spelled using element symbols.

arsenic ArSeNIC, ArSeNiC
astatine AsTaTiNe
bismuth BiSmUTh, BISmUTh
carbon CaRbON, CArBON
copper CoPPEr, COPPEr
iron IrON
krypton KrYPtON
neon NeON
oganesson OGaNeSSON
silicon SiLiCoN, SiLiCON, SILiCON, SILiCoN
silver SILvEr, SiLvEr
tennessine TeNNeSSiNe
tin TiN
xenon XeNON, XeNoN