Spelling Review Exercises for Commonly Misspelled Words

A child holds up a completed spelling test

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Study spelling rules and commonly misspelled words, then test your spelling skills by completing the following short exercises.

In some cases, you will need to add a letter or two to complete the correct spelling of each word in parentheses. In other cases, the word in parentheses is correct as it stands. When you're done, compare your responses with the answers below.

Group A: To E or Not to E?

Some of the words in parentheses require the addition of the letter e; others are correct as they stand.

  1. Gus is (tru-ly) sorry for keeping you awake last night.
  2. We were criticized (sever-ly) by the sewing circle.
  3. The shed was (complet-ly) demolished.
  4. Merdine was (sincer-ly) grateful for the reprieve.
  5. The Simpsons are (argu-ing) again.
  6. They (argu-d) last night for hours.
  7. When is Mr. Wolfe (com-ing) home.
  8. Maya is (writ-ing) her autobiography.
  9. Mr. White is (judg-ing) the essay contest.
  10. Be (car-ful) when you light the furnace.

Group B: IE or EI?

Some of the words require the addition of ie; others require ei.

  1. Paint the (c--ling) before you paint the walls.
  2. Gus has been (rec--ving) threatening e-mails.
  3. A (w--rd) noise came out of the attic.
  4. I paid almost five dollars for that (p--ce) of pie.
  5. I don't (bel--ve) in coincidence.
  6. The guests brought (th--r) children to the wedding.
  7. (N--ther) of us can help you today.
  8. The (n--ghbors) complained about our parents.
  9. Linda (w--ghs) less than her collie.
  10. We waited for the (fr--ght) train to pass.

Group C: I or Y?

Some of the words require the addition of i; others require y.

  1. Have you (tr-ed) the dessert yet?
  2. The baby (cr-ed) throughout the church service.
  3. We compared two (theor-es) of evolution.
  4. Peggy felt (betra-ed) by her manager.
  5. You should be (stud-ing) for Friday's exam.
  6. (Lonel-ness) was never a problem for Henry.
  7. She (fl-es) on broken wings.
  8. I have always (rel-ed) on my friends.
  9. Please give Mr. Flannery my (apolog-es).
  10. It was a (pit-ful) sight.

Group D: A, E, or I?

Complete each word with the letter a, e, or i.

  1. I borrowed these flowers from the (cemet-ry).
  2. My parakeet eats huge (quant-ties) of bird seed.
  3. The tax cuts will (ben-fit) the wealthy.
  4. It was a (priv-lege) to meet you.
  5. He has a remarkably (unpleas-nt) disposition.
  6. We placed the puppies in (sep-rate) rooms.
  7. Henry is an (independ-nt) thinker.
  8. I found an (excell-nt) excuse to resign from the committee.
  9. She chose items from different (cat-gories).
  10. Professor Legree made another (irrelev-nt) remark.

Group E: Single or Double?

Some of these words require the doubling of a consonant; others are correct as they stand.

  1. The sun was (shin-ing) down like honey.
  2. The experiment was (control-ed) by a madman.
  3. The region is slowly (begin-ing) to recover.
  4. Doug (pour-ed) sugar over Yoddy's oatmeal.
  5. She keeps (forget-ing) to call me.
  6. Gus (admit-ed) his mistake.
  7. They were (sweat-ing) in the classroom.
  8. That idea never (occur-ed) to me.
  9. The bunny went (hop-ing) down to the abattoir.
  10. His doctor (refer-ed) him to a dimple specialist.

Group F: Letters Needed?

Some of these words require the addition of one or more letters; others are correct as they stand.

  1. Marriage comes without a (g-arantee).
  2. Caley (su-prised) me.
  3. You are (prob-ly) going to be late.
  4. Does she (reali-e) that her socks don't match?
  5. (D-scribe) the man who hit you.
  6. We waited (until-) the mortician arrived.
  7. Merdine (recom-ended) a psychiatrist.
  8. Take two (asp-rin) and go to bed.
  9. She supports a strong (ath-letic) program.
  10. The (tem-rature) reached 109 degrees in Yuma.

Group G: More Letters Needed?

Some of these words require the addition of one or more letters; others are correct as they stand.

  1. She (a-quired) a good tan and a new boyfriend.
  2. Gus is (basic-ly) lazy.
  3. We must work together to improve the (envir-ment).
  4. I wish Hansel would just (dis-pear).
  5. Mr. Summers should attend to his (bus-ness).
  6. Alice Walker wrote an essay (sim-lar) to yours.
  7. The Red Sox have (fin-ly) won a ball game.
  8. I was (dis-appointed) by the cranberries in dill sauce.
  9. Doc Brown was working in his (lab-ratory).
  10. Baron Leibniz works for the (gover-ment).

When you're done, compare your responses with the answers below.


Here are the answers to the Spelling Review Exercises, Groups A through G.

1. truly; 2. severely; 3. completely; 4. sincerely; 5. arguing; 6. argued; 7. coming; 8. writing; 9. judging; 10. careful.

1. ceiling; 2. receiving; 3. weird; 4. piece; 5. believe; 6. their; 7. Neither; 8. neighbors; 9. weighs; 10. freight

1. tried; 2. cried; 3. theories; 4. betrayed; 5. studying; 6. Loneliness; 7. flies; 8. relied; 9. apologies; 10. pitiful

1. cemetery; 2. quantities; 3. benefit; 4. privilege; 5. unpleasant; 6. separate; 7. independent; 8. excellent; 9. categories; 10. irrelevant

1. shining; 2. controlled; 3. beginning; 4. poured; 5. forgetting; 6. admitted; 7. sweating; 8. occurred; 9. hopping; 10. referred

1. guarantee; 2. surprised; 3. probably; 4. realize; 5. Describe; 6. until; 7. recommended; 8. aspirin; 9. athletic; 10. temperature

1. acquired; 2. basically; 3. environment; 4. disappear; 5. business; 6. similar; 7. finally; 8. disappointed; 9. laboratory; 10. government