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Miguel O'Hara is a cooler alter ego than Peter Parker

spider man 2099
Looks dark. That's how you can tell it's dystopian. Marvel Comics

Miguel O'Hara

Future New York does not look great. In fact it looks a lot like New New York, the setting of Simpsons creator Matt Groening's later show Futurama: a sprawling cityscape that's as dense vertically as it is horizontally, thanks to the plenitude of flying cars, huge skyscrapers, corporate oversight of almost every aspect of every day life and a general slightly-brighter-Blade-Runner feel.

This is the world Miguel O'Hara was born into.

Years after the so-called “Heroic Age” – when all the contemporary Marvel Comics stories we know and love – has drawn to a close, Miguel's New York is a bit dystopian. An intelligent child, he managed to escape his abusive father (sadly leaving behind mother Conchata and younger bro Gabriel) by winning a place at the Alchemax School for Gifted Youngsters, which took over the former Xavier school. Which you might recognize from another highly successful Marvel Comics franchise.

Alchemax manages to basically run Miguel's life for the rest of his days on Earth, as they appear to do for most of the world: a huge, cyberpunk-style megacorporation who pretty much run the government and police, too. Miguel graduates from their school and works his way to the top of Alchemax's genetics division, where an unfortunate accident occurs...

Whilst there are parallels between Miguel O'Hara and Peter Parker, the characters have a heck of a lot of differences, too.

Miguel has had two girls fighting over him, but rather than a Gwen Stacy/Mary Jane-style showdown all in good fun, he cheated on his future fiance and childhood sweetheart Xina Kwan with Dana D'Angelo, girlfriend of his brother Gabriel. Woops. Not as squeaky-clean as the original Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.

Spider-Man 2099

The differences don't end there. It's still a scientific accident that gave the Spider-Man of 2099 his super-powers, but under rather different circumstances – and different powers, too. His corporate overlords tried to blackmail Miguel into staying, after he expressed reservations about experiments in genetic modification. In order to leave the company, Miguel overrides his genetic coding...only for a jealous co-worker to sabotage the process, combining his DNA with that of a spider. If that sounds a bit like the Jeff Goldblum film The Fly, well, it is. But much less gross.

Rather than falling apart and getting all gooey, Miguel gets the the proportionate strength, speed, and agility of a spider (familiar), enhanced vision and hearing which let him see in the dark and “hone in” on people (unfamiliar) to make up for a lack of early-warning Spidey Sense, organic web fluid (sort of familiar) and talons sprouting from his fingers and toes. Some of which make his secret identity harder to conceal than the old Spider-Man's. The fangs that allow to bite people, similar to Spider-Woman and Miles Morales, don't help either.

Spider-Man 2099 has a very different costume, too, made of the Unstable Molecules discovered by Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four, which mean his claws don't stab through.

The mask is inspired by those worn in the Mexican Day Of The Dead, representing the character's Hispanic heritage. There's also a little cape on the back that lets him glide for small periods of time.

Expect to see more and more of Miguel, what with being dumped from his 2099 timeline into the modern day, where he's recently been teaming up with one Peter Parker.

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