Spiritual Discipline: Guidance

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The spiritual discipline of guidance comes when we seek God's direction in everything we do. Not always a simple thing, because a lot of times we tend to rely on ourselves as individuals to figure out our lives. However, as we build not the spiritual discipline of guidance we realize that God is the first place we should be going, not the last.

The Spiritual Discipline of Guidance for the Individual

We are not alone.

The enemy of developing the spiritual gift of guidance is that we need to realize that we are not alone in our spiritual walk. God is always with us, and He places people in our path to help us in our faith. When we seek guidance (yes, the spiritual discipline of guidance should probably be called the spiritual gift of seeking guidance), we enhance our walk with God, because we allow Him to do more work in our lives through Himself and others.

As a society, we tend to love individualism and promote the power of "doing it ourselves." We hear statements all the time about how we "don't give ourselves enough credit." So, sure, there is pride to be taken in a job well done, but all the glory isn't ours. God gives us talents and abilities. He gives us the option of seeking His help in what we do. We can do a great job on our own, but we can do a better job with God on our side.

Yet, having the spiritual discipline of guidance isn't about asking God questions all the time.

It's about talking to God enough to know His will in what we do. The spiritual gift of guidance goes hand in hand with submission, because we must submit our will to God in order to accept His guidance. The spiritual gift of guidance can be directly seeking His will in specific situation, but more often it is living His will without even having to ask directly.

It's just knowing.

The Spiritual Discipline of Guidance in Groups

One important part of learning the spiritual discipline of guidance is to stop relying on the individual and allow the counsel of the community to shape your spiritual walk. God speaks to us through the Bible first, but He can also speak to us through those around us. God surrounds us with people who can guide us in God's ways. Think of your parents, friends, youth leaders, and pastors. Each of them was called to speak to us in some way and guide our walk.

Developing the Spiritual Discipline of Guidance

Do you seek God's will in your life, and when you feel like He has something to day do you listen? Are you seeing all the ways in which God speaks to you? Here are some ways we can develop the spiritual discipline of guidance:

  • Read your Bible. Scripture is the number one way God speaks to us. The Word of God is chock full of great advice on our daily living. Even if there isn't a direct answer, there is usually something that helps us make a decision.
  • Seek God first. When you're facing a decision, seek God in prayer before you make that important choice. There is a power in prayer, because it allows us to have a conversation with God.
  • See God in everything. There are so many ways that God speaks to us. Too often we dismiss God's guidance, because we try to see God only in the obvious. We don't all get a burning bush like Moses. Sometimes it's a friend, youth leader, parent, or even a stranger that speaks to us.
  • Seek good guides. When we look to other people to help guide us in our spiritual walks, be sure to choose someone trustworthy. Good youth leaders bring things back to God.
  • One step at a time. Building up the spiritual discipline of guidance isn't easy. We often have to put our pride aside to admit we need help. Take each day as it comes, each choice as it comes.