Surviving the Holidays Without a Partner

Holiday Tips for Spiritual Singles

Lonely Woman During the Holidays
Lonely Woman During the Holidays. Tracy Packer Photography / Getty Images

If you find yourself suddenly single for the holidays, or if you have been single for many years, no worries. Traditional celebrations are the perfect time to do some successful self improvement.

When you end a long term relationship, or your partner ended the relationship for you, there are emotional relationship issues to address. Working toward increased awareness of your relationship to yourself as well as your relationship with others will enable you to attract a more suitable soul mate in the future.

Build Up Your Self Esteem

Look inward into your heart and solar plexus area for answers. You need to fall in love with your emotional self because this precious, child like part of you energetically goes straight to your soul. Focus on building up your self esteem and stop looking outward for answers, approval or love.

If you have been single for a long time, this means you need to look inward and deeper so you can see what issues are keeping you from opening up and trusting a partner. The soul longs for company and this longing needs to come to your conscious mind, so you can fulfill your soul's purpose in being here. You may not want or need a sexual relationship, but you do need deep connections with people at the soul level.

Connect to Earth Energies

Look below to your root and second chakras for answers. You need to stand on your own two feet, learn to trust gravity and connect deeply to Mother Earth.

Focus on improving your ability to take care of yourself in the physical world and in healthy emotional relationships with others.

Transforming Old Responses

You can transform the old, conditioned responses you learned from your family by becoming more aware of your emotional energy, mental energy, physical energy and spiritual energy.

For example, when you learn the difference in energy between "feeling sorry" for yourself and feeling the real hurt inside of your heart, you have the information you need to move forward. Feeling sorry for yourself goes in circles and lands you into the pity pit, rather than putting yourself in a place filled with love and light.

Looking Inward for Your Personal Strengths

Allowing yourself to feel the raw hurting inside opens your heart and solar plexus. Resulting in real love and energy to move in and out of your body and energy field. This difference is huge! You can learn to notice the difference in yourself. When you look inward for your strengths and learn to count on yourself, you feel better and can find purpose and meaning to your life.

There are many benefits of being single, Don't waste this alone time. Use it to your advantage by focusing on personal growth and engaging in activities which help you feel loved during the holidays.