Spiritual Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Stocking Stuffers

Holistic Shopping: The holidays bring out the spiritual side of everyone. Here are some spiritual themed gift suggestions to use as stocking stuffers.

Gift for the Techie - How often do you stop and remember to slow down and take a deep cleansing breath? Spire measures your breath and gives feedback, helping you to become more focused and mindful throughout the day. Compatible with iPhone or Android smartphone.

Give the gift of aromatherapy and relaxation. This shea butter sea salt gift set is sure to gives a week's worth of soothing bath treatments to vitalize the 7 chakra centers. 4" X 4" box.

Peppermint natural herb tea, made from peppermint leaves serves as a heart warming replacement for the traditional candy cane. It offers sweetness for the sweet tooth and relaxation for the frazzled. Peppermint is one of several scents associated with the holidays.

Worry dolls are intentional amulets originating from the Mayan culture for releasing your troubles. Legend says to tell the dolls your worries before you go to bed. The dolls keep your worries so you can get a good night's sleep.

Who doesn't need an amulet that offers protection? Ganesh (also spelled Ganesa) is the Hindu Elephant God of Success. Perhaps best known as Remover of Obstacles. Along with the mini statue get the mini book (it fits in the palm of your) titled Ganesh: Removing the Obstacles written by James H. Bae.  

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indi6 Pack of Essence - Lavender, Lilac Lillies, Jasmine, Plumeria, Rose Garden , Violet. Give full set to one person or hand out individually as party favors. They will be adored by your healing compadres. 

Lavender is a sweet smelling herb that relaxes and revitalizes. Be sure that the person you are wanting to gift is not scent-sensitive. I am scent-sensitive, but lavender is one scent that I can enjoy as long as the aroma is a subtle one.

Dual protection in this beautiful key ring. The Hamsa hand amulet is  multcultural symbol for protection. Turkish evil eye charms ward off negative energies, keeping misfortune at bay. Where better to have protection than when you are operating a car or traveling in general.

Tuck this deck of Teen Angels inside your teenager's holiday stocking. Diana Cooper's inspirational cards were created specifically for teens and pre-teens. Part of charm of these cards is that the inspirational messages are coming from teen-aged angels, not from adults or lofty "all-knowing" entities who can seem out of touch with kids growing up today.

Here is a cute ceramic cup and saucer set that comes with an illustrated booklet with detailed instructions on forecasting your future. Reading tea leaves isn't as mysterious as you might think. Divination requires two basic elements: 1) A Question 2) An Answer. The querent drinks the cup of tea, leaving a drip or two of liquid in the bottom of the cup. The cup is handed over to the reader who interprets the meanings of symbols formed by the wet tea leaves.
How to Read Tea Leaves

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