Spotlight on a Star: Actress Rene Lovit

Actress Rene Lovit.

Actors deal with rejection on a daily basis, and it’s certainly one of the more-difficult aspects of pursuing a career in the performing arts.  Often actors experience feelings of rejection after an audition for a job that he or she does not book.  It’s easy to say, “On to the next!”  However, this is often much easier said than done!  This can be especially true when an actor books a job and is subsequently written out of the project that the actor booked!

  How can an actor move forward from that type of scenario with a positive attitude?  Is it even possible?!  

It’s certainly possible, but moving forward after rejection requires a very strong person.  Last pilot season, a good friend and very talented actress, Rene Lovit, booked a role in a major television pilot!  After she had won the role, however, her character was written out of the show.  This left Rene feeling, understandably, very disappointed.  Fortunately, Rene Lovit is an extremely hard-working actress, and she refused to let this disappointment stop her.  In fact, the lessons that she learned from this experience have helped her to learn more about the entertainment business and have helped her acting career in a positive way.  And now that we are again in the middle of pilot season, Rene’s advice can certainly prove to be helpful for someone potentially going through a similar situation.



Rene Lovit was born in Ukraine, and moved with her family to San Francisco, California, at the age of five.  Throughout her youth, she worked in numerous areas of the entertainment industry, including being a competitive Latin ballroom dancer.  She attended UC Berkeley where she studied the performing arts, as well as English - having Shakespeare as her emphasis.

  She later obtained a Master’s degree in Theatre from RADA University in England, moved to New York City, and ultimately moved here to Los Angeles to pursue a career in television and film full-time. 

Rene has been very busy since she began her journey into the world of television and film acting, including, as mentioned above, booking a role in a television pilot!  Booking a role in a pilot is extraordinarily difficult and an incredible achievement for an actor.  Rene explains the following about her experience:  “It was a very exciting process!  There were a lot of callbacks, producer sessions, rewrites - I had never done any of that!  It was everything I had imagined being a part of.” 

Believe in Yourself

Rene is very passionate about believing in oneself, knowing what you want, and trusting your vision for what you want to achieve in life.  She was prepared for her booking because she believed she could do it, and worked extremely hard toward her goal! 

As many of us know, however, things can change extremely quickly in our business!  Sometimes, these changes are tough to deal with.  Rene goes on to explain:

“We had our final callback, a studio test, then all these contracts happen and you’re signing your life away!  Your life is suddenly going to be different.  It was really exciting.  It went to network, [but] the network didn’t want clashing stories.  So they ended up writing out the characters that we booked.  I didn’t know that at the time, but I’ve now learned that with “multi-cam [productions]” there’s always a chance that “character-y” characters will get changed or written out.  They’re going to play with what works best.  They’re trying to see what balances that comedy.” 

Rene’s experience reinforces another aspect of this business that actors must always be aware of:  much is out of our control.  Rene’s character’s being written out, for example, had nothing to do with her talent or her abilities as an actress.  She did the best job that she could do, and the rest was completely out of her control.  What we do have some control over, however, is how we react to a situation.  Though she grappled with feelings of disappointment for a time, she got right back on her feet!  Rene chose to view her situation as an incredible learning experience, rather than dwelling on the fact that her character was “written out.”  She also learned how to “let it go;” which is something that is very difficult for some actors.  (I include myself in that statement!)

Rene explains:

“Back in the day I used to walk out of an audition and hold onto that material for so long.  Id be like’, ‘Who knows?  I’ll get a call in a week.  I’d think about what I did in the room, and it was all so precious.  Nowadays I walk into an audition and walk out - and throw it out.  It’s done.  You’re not going to do that material again.  I think it becomes poisonous to your acting by thinking, ‘What did I do?  How did it go?’  You think it was your fault; you start to beat yourself up about all the things you did wrong.  I think you have to focus on the things that you’re doing right.” 

In the Present

Focusing on the positives is essential.  Often we neglect to give ourselves credit for all of our achievements!  As Rene explains, “being present” helps us to appreciate the current moment: 

“I think a lot of times we are either in the past or in the future.  Instead of thinking about ,’I want my life to be this in 10 years, or I wish I didn’t do that 2 weeks ago’ - just be present.  Today I’m working on my one page scene for class; tomorrow I’m working on my sketch for 'groundlings.'  The next day I’m doing my TV show - same for writers, for example.  Giving 100% to that present project or moment leads into the next project or moment.  It allows you to care enough about every present moment instead of thinking, ‘I HOPE this leads to this.’  If I just put 100 % into this part of it, the next one will show up and you do the same thing.  Being present is so important.” 

Like many actors, Rene has learned that an actor’s journey is one that involves going through ups and downs.

  There are times of great excitement and times of great disappointment.  Learning how to manage the rejection and move forward during the most difficult of times truly shows how strong a person is.  And when we learn lessons from experiences, especially tough ones through rejection, she believes in “paying it forward”: 

“The best advice in dealing with rejection (or anything) is that I really believe in paying it forward.  I really believe that when I don’t know what im doing, I know there’s someone who probably thinks my advice is really invaluable and I can help with something that I maybe was dealing with 2 years ago, and that I’m not dealing with anymore.  It makes me know that yes, the world is a bigger place and yes, I’ve gotten through hurdles and now I can give that advice to someone else.  Paying it forward just gets you through the rest of everything.” 

Never Give Up

Rene is an example of a young woman and actress who will not give up.  She is talented, strong, kind and insightful.  She already is extremely successful, and I can’t wait to see how Rene Lovit’s spirit will continue to inspire the entertainment industry and the world.   In closing, I’ll leave you with Rene’s thoughts about “never giving up”:

I feel that from my experiences in life so far, success doesn’t happen for some people because they don’t realize how close they were to it before they quit.  You’re so much closer than you think.  I think that a lot of times, you convince yourself that it’s never going to happen, and yet you were right there.  You just didn’t know it.  Besides never giving up - trust.  I think the universe and the world and everything - it is so much bigger than we are.  You have to just trust and let it do its thing and not try and push it so much.  If you love it, and you know you love it, and you’re constantly in it, there’s no way that it’s not going to work out.  The hardest part is figuring out what you love to do.  But once you figure that out, it’s so easy to incorporate it into your life, and not give up on it - whatever it is.”  

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