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Tyler Henry

Tyler Henry
Tyler Henry.

Tyler Henry is a remarkable individual who is quickly becoming very well-known here in Hollywood and around the world!  Tyler – who identifies himself as being a clairvoyant individual (or a “medium”) – has been busy sharing his positive energy and his gifts among members of the entertainment community through his television series on E! Network:  “Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry”.  I had the pleasure of meeting Tyler recently, and it is an honor to introduce him to all of you in this interview, reader friends!

Tyler’s Background

Tyler’s work in Hollywood is amazing and also very intriguing.  I asked Tyler if he would share a little bit about his background - including his gift of clairvoyance - and how his journey has led him to working among numerous celebrities on his own television series! He replied:

This has been such an incredible journey, and it’s only just begun. Where it originally began was actually three hours north of LA, in a small, conservative agricultural town. I was 10 years old and my grandmother was ill with cancer, and I had a premonition of her passing moments before she died. It originally started as a deep sense of unexplainable knowingness and evolved into visions (which is the basis of clairvoyance) about those around me. I saw the use that my abilities had and the impact they made, so after 6 six years of being in the “psychic closet,” I started working professionally doing free readings at a small bookstore in my town. As time went on, word of mouth spread, and within 3 years I was making regular trips to LA to read people in the entertainment industry and ultimately celebrities. I’d been told by a psychic while I was in college that this would be my path, but at the time it seemed unlikely. She was right!” 

An Incredible Journey

It is certainly an incredible and unique journey that Tyler is on!  At only 20 years old, he’s already establishing himself in Hollywood with his own series on television, conducting clairvoyant readings for numerous celebrities, including actors Matthew Lawrence and Monica Potter. And, as Tyler explained, his journey has really “only just begun”!  I asked Tyler what he believes is the most rewarding aspect about his experience so far working on his TV series, and what has he found that he loves most about Hollywood and the entertainment industry.  Tyler said:

“There have been so many rewarding elements to being fortunate enough to have this platform, but I’d say getting to share with the world the idea that life transcends physical death and that love lasts forever has been the most gratifying. I’d say that if there was a favorite thing about Hollywood or the entertainment industry, it’s how profoundly influential it is in conveying messages and influencing how people think. I’m thankful that in having the show, I get to share my message and open people’s minds who may not have originally been open to the subject matter.”

Tyler points out that he feels very fortunate to have the opportunity of utilizing the “profoundly influential” platform of the entertainment business to share his work and his message on a large scale.  Hollywood certainly has a massive influence on society, constantly shedding light onto issues and subjects which are often difficult or misunderstood. Tyler has chosen to utilize the platform of Hollywood in a positive way; to share his gift and his message in order to do what he feels will help bring comfort to many individuals.  Elaborating on what he hopes his work will inspire in people, Tyler said:

“I hope that in watching the show, [viewers] are able to get a sense of closure, comfort, and create a dialogue about grief healing. Though the clients on the show may be celebrities, there’s a fundamental relatability in the passing of a loved one - something every single one of us will experience. In watching, I hope that people will begin to open their minds more to the idea that consciousness continues beyond just what we see - and find comfort in that.”

As mentioned, the platform of entertainment provides the opportunity to shed light onto subjects and issues that are often misunderstood.  Clairvoyance is a subject that is not well understood by some, and Tyler had this to say about those who may be skeptical about his gift of clairvoyance:

Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, and I completely respect nonbelievers or those who don’t understand clairvoyance. I think there’s a fundamental difference between being a skeptic and a cynic - and I sincerely encourage and value healthy skepticism. Countless clients have started off as skeptics and had their minds changed. If I didn’t have this ability since I was a child and didn’t do this work every day, I’d be a skeptic myself. Ultimately, this work is about providing validation and closure to people who are often devastated by loss, and that is where my priorities are - in being able to facilitate that healing process.”

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Success in Hollywood

Tyler Henry
Tyler Henry.

Success in Hollywood

Achieving success in any area of Hollywood and the entertainment industry is certainly not an easy thing to attain.  The pressures that come with working in this industry can be intense and a lot to deal with and this is especially true when handling great success.  (I affectionately refer to Hollywood as being “The Intense City” for this reason!)  Tyler Henry, who is very successful, shares his thoughts about success and remaining grounded; even when this industry can make it difficult to do so.  He modestly explains:

With success comes responsibility, and I’ve always felt that my gift was a responsibility to be respected. Though my surroundings have changed since doing readings in my small, conservative town, I still fundamentally believe what originally motivated me to share this work: that people deserve the help and closure that readings can provide. Not allowing the glitz and the glam to cloud perspective, or allow ego to take hold, are challenges many people face in the industry, and thankfully I have a great support system that helps in keeping me grounded. If I ever need a reminder, I see it in my readings every day – what really matters, and what isn’t worth wasting time on. Death provides a really humbling perspective on life.”

Never Lose Hope

Everyone deals with a certain struggle.  For most successful individuals, challenges and struggles must be overcome in order to achieve success.  Tyler offers the following advice for anyone who might be going through a challenging time or a struggle: 

“Though hardship is circumstantial, I’d encourage people to never lose hope that life can improve, try to practice forgiveness to others and yourself, take life one day at a time, and don’t be afraid to ask for help! So many people suffer in silence. Individuals who’ve taken their own lives and came through in a reading have been consistently shocked when they realized upon passing just how many people cared about and loved them, and how much of a difference their existence made for the better. While we’re still living in this world, we can make a difference in our own lives by helping others.”

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There is Room for Everyone in the Entertainment Industry

Tyler Henry and Jesse Daley
Jesse Daley meeting Tyler Henry.

There is Room for Everyone in the Entertainment Industry

The entertainment industry provides opportunities for so many individuals.  My mother, Judy Daley, often says that in this business, “There is room for everyone,” and I completely agree.  I have interviewed numerous people here on my page at, including men and women who are not actors.  Like Tyler Henry, they are unique individuals who have found the industry of entertainment to be one which provides many opportunities for work and to share gifts and messages with people all around the globe.  Tyler offers the following advice to anyone who is new to Hollywood or is considering a career in entertainment:

“I’d encourage anyone starting off in the industry to network. By that, I mean socialize! Being likable, authentic, and sincerely interested in what others have to say can get you far in a city full of phenomenally talented people. Those who have the biggest egos are the most distracted and insecure, and aren’t worthy of trying to emulate or surround yourself with. And finally, just keep going! Rome wasn’t built overnight - take it one day at a time, and network.”

Finally, I asked Tyler about his future goals and dreams.  He explained:

I have so many goals! I have a book coming out this year that I’m incredibly excited about, and planning a tour to get to read people around the world. I can’t wait to get to interact with fans of the show and share the gift I was given in a way that will benefit the largest amount of people in finding hope through their grief.”

Thank you, Tyler, for being a kind individual who is sharing so much positivity and comfort with many people; here in Hollywood and all over the world! 

To learn more about Tyler Henry, be sure to check out his website and tune into “Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry” every Sunday at 10pm on E! Network.

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