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Place Hands on Shoulders

Hands on shoulders. Tracy Wicklund
Spotting is necessary for all kinds of turns in dance. By spotting, or keeping your eyes fixated on a single spot, you will be able to complete several rotations without becoming dizzy.

Practice spotting while turning slowly in place. Find an object in the distance to spot, such as a picture or a fixture on the wall. Some dancers prefer to use a piece of black tape or a sticky note. Place your hands on your shoulders and fix your eyes on the spot.

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Start Turning

Start turning. Tracy Wicklund
Slowly begin turning to the right. Keep your head still and your eyes fixated on the spot as long as possible.
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Whip Head Around

Whip head. Tracy Wicklund
Continue to turn your the point when your head must turn, whip it around and immediately locate your spot. The whipping action should be so quick that your eyes see nothing but the spot during the rotation.
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Keep Turning

Tracy Wicklund
With the eyes once again fixated on your spot, allow the rest of your body to follow. Your eyes must lead your body in the turn.
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Complete theTurn

Complete the turn. Tracy Wicklund
Complete the turn by returning to the original starting position. If you spotted the turn correctly, you should feel steady and balanced. By holding your eyes steady on one point, your body is able to perform several complete rotations without feeling dizzy or lightheaded.