Packing for Spring Break

Heading Somewhere Warm? Don't Forget These Essentials

Man looking into boot with suitcases and beach equipment
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Packing for spring break can be ridiculously exciting -- but also complicated, given that most students are completely brain fried from midterms, papers, and general college stress. So how can you make sure you pack everything you'll need for your spring break adventure?

If you're headed somewhere warm, the list below includes everything you'll need to keep you safe and comfy (in addition to your regular things, like regular clothes and your wallet). Because with everything else you've got going on, who needs to make a new Spring Break packing list?

Packing for Spring Break

  • Sunblock. Do you maybe want a little tan? Of course. Do you want a horrible sunburn that prevents you from having fun? Of course not. So pack the sunblock.
  • Sunglasses. Who wants to squint when you're out in the bright sun? Added bonus: You can people watch without others knowing.
  • Two bathing suits. Getting into a cold, wet bathing suit in the morning is just not enjoyable. For anyone. So pack another suit to make sure you're always good to go.
  • A towel. Yes, the hotel might have one -- if you're at a hotel. But they might also be scratchy and gross and only washed not-very-often. So grab one of your own as a back-up, just in case.
  • Water bottle. You'll have to leave it empty in your suitcase if you're flying, but bringing a water bottle is a smart way to stay hydrated if you're outside all day. (Consider the Sport+Store Water Bottle if you want something that's easy to use while you're traveling.)
  • Aspirin. Ugh, headaches. Muscle aches. Body aches. Pass the aspirin, please.
  • Insect repellent. This might only apply if you're going somewhere that has funky bugs, but you can choose to pack the repellent or choose to be covered with itchy bites during your vacation.
  • Pajamas. Sounds silly, but these are often forgotten -- and much needed if you're sharing a room with friends.
  • A nice outfit. Sure, you might be going on Spring Break to veg and relax. But you may also want to head somewhere relatively nice at least once. Don't be left having to hide your shorts and flip-flops under a table.
  • Cell phone charger. Even if your phone won't work where you're going, chances are you'll use it as a clock or for taking pictures and videos.
  • Chapstick. Chapped lips -- with no good chapstick to be found -- isn't cute to anyone. But being out in the sun often leads to unkissable, uncute lips, so be prepared.
  • Workout clothes. Want to go for a run? Rock climbing? A hike? If so, those flip-flops and jeans aren't going to cut it. Bring one workout outfit so you can really enjoy some exercise during your vacation.
  • A light jacket. True, you're headed somewhere warm. But it might get a tiny bit cold at night -- and you might be grateful for bringing a little jacket, just in case.
  • Nail polish. Only for those of you with pedicures, of course, but who wants a chip in their polish on the first day? Bring something to mend the little nicks you'll inevitably get from dipping your tootsies in the sand day after day.
  • Homework, if applicable. It may not be at the top of your list, but it should definitely be somewhere on it if you have homework to do.
  • Something non-academic to read. You work all academic year to exercise your brain. Give your mind something relaxing, too, by reading something nice and silly.