Spyder Victor

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The Bottom Line

The new Spyder Victor is Kingman's update of its most-basic paintball gun and it holds its own compared to similar guns. It is not particularly accurate, fast or consistent, but the Victor is attractive, cheap, easy to use, very upgradable and thus makes a great first gun for the beginner player.

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  • Inexpensive
  • Very upgradeable
  • Simple and reliable design
  • Quick-release bolt


    • Not particularly accurate or consistent
    • Has a tendency to chop cheap paint
    • All components are low-end


    • Entry-level blowback paintball gun
    • Commonly available from specialty stores and large retail outlets
    • Many upgrades are readily available
    • Can run on CO2 or compressed air
    • Manufacturer's Site

    Guide Review - Spyder Victor



    Kingman's 2007 Spyder Victor is an update of the original Victor and is a very simple blowback gun with nothing fancy included. It comes with a bottom line, standard ASA, double trigger, sight rail and a vertical feed tube (you have to use a removable vertical feedneck). The Victor comes in several colors and has a very sleek and attractive milling design. I think it's the best looking introductory paintball gun available.


    The Victor is an inexpensive paintball gun but its performance isn't too bad. It will fire as fast as you can shoot, but its got a long and somewhat stiff trigger pull, so don't expect any crazy rate of fire.

    It's not particularly consistent so paintball muzzle velocity can vary significantly from shot to shot. With decent paint it's adequately accurate and won't be a great liability to your game, though poor quality paint shoots very poorly. One weakness is the Victor's tendency to chop paint more than more expensive guns - it's not awful, but it's not great.

    Reliability and Maintenance

    The Victor is a very basic gun and basic maintenance will make it last a long time - make sure regularly clean and oil your gun after use. If there is a leak in your gun, you probably just need to replace your O-rings. One very nice feature is the quick-release bolt which makes cleaning the chamber a snap.


    While the basic Victor is nothing special, it does make an excellent beginner gun because it can be heavily upgraded. Whether you want to get a barrel kit, electronic trigger frame, upgraded bolt or custom grips, the Victor can support it. Along with the multitude of upgrades available, many different companies make upgrades that fit the Victor so they are less expensive and very widely available. With a Victor you can start small and then customize your gun to make it fit your needs.

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