Srixon Z 355 Golf Clubs: Driver, Fairways and Hybrids, Plus Irons

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'Action Mass' Technology

Srixon Z 355 family of golf clubs: driver, fairway wood, hybrid, iron
The Srixon Z 355 family of golf clubs. Dunlop Sports Co. Ltd.

Aug. 18, 2015 - The Srixon Z 355 family of golf clubs includes driver, fairway woods, hybrids and irons. And we'll see more of each of those clubs on the following pages. But first a word about what Srixon calls "Action Mass" technology, which is the calling card of the Z 355 line.

Many golf manufacturers have approached creating swing speed for the golfer through overall lighter weights, which typically means finding ways to reduce the weight of the clubhead.

With Action Mass, Srixon has returned weight to the clubhead. Yes, a heavier clubhead (although still very light by the standards of years past). The Z 355 driver has a 211-gram head.

The other part of Action Mass is a higher balance point on the shaft. (Heavier head, higher balance point shaft - sound familiar? It's an approach used in some putters going back a decade.)

The combination, Srixon says, is more mass behind the ball at impact: A game-improvement technology aimed especially at golfers who struggle to repeat their swings. A heavier clubhead and higher balance point, Srixon says, helps the golfer swing more consistently, more repeatably.

On the following pages we'll see a few more photos of each of the Z 355 clubs, plus specs, pricing and availabity info. Turn the page.

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Srixon Z 355 Driver

Image of the Srixon Z 355 driver
The Srixon Z 355 driver. Dunlop Sports Co. Ltd.

The distance-oriented Z 355 driver has, as noted on the previous page, a 211-gram clubhead paired with an ultra-high balance point shaft. The stock shaft in this case is the Miyazaki Jinsoku, and that design approach targets increased ball speed with more stability and consistency in the swing.

The 450cc clubhead is adjustable to 12 different settings for loft, lie angle and face angle, and includes a 6-4 Ti cup face.

The Srixon Z 355 driver comes in stated lofts of 9.5, 10.5 and 12 degrees for men, 12 and 15 degrees for women. The MAP is $349.99, and the drivers reach retail outlets on Sept. 18, 2015.

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Srixon Z 355 Fairway Woods and Hybrids

The fairway wood (middle) and hybrid (right) in the Srixon Z 355 family
The fairway wood (middle) and hybrid (right) in the Srixon Z 355 family. Dunlop Sports Co. Ltd.

The Z 355 fairways and Z 355 hybrids also incorporate Srixon's new "Action Mass" approach, complete with the Miyazaki Jinsoku stock shaft. Both the fairways and hybrids use an HT1770 maraging steel face.

The fairway woods have shallow profiles and are designed to promote a higher launch angle. The 3-wood has a cup face design plus a 40-gram internal structure whose purpose, Srixon says, is to maximize clubface flex, lower spin and boost launch.

The Srixon Z 355 fairway woods come in 3-wood (15 degrees of loft), 4-wood (17), 5-wood (19) and 7-wood (22) for men; 3-wood (15), 5-wood (19) and 7-wood (22) for women.

The Z 355 hybrids come in 3H (19), 4H (23) and 5H (26) for men; 4H (23) and 5H (26) for women.

The MAP is $229.99 for the fairway woods, $199.99 for the hybrids. Both are available in stores on Sept. 18, 2015.

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Srixon Z 355 Irons

Image of Srixon Z 355 irons, grouping of three clubs
The Srixon Z 355 irons. Dunlop Sports Co. Ltd.

The Z 355 irons, Srixon says, were developed "with the sole objective of consistency."

The irons also boast the "Action Mass" approach of higher clubhead weights with high-balance point shafts. But in the case of the irons, the set offers two different stock shaft options: the Miyazaki Jinsoku for those wanting graphite; the Nippon NS Pro 950GH DST for those who prefer steel shafts.

The irons also have Srixon's Tour V.T. Sole design. That redesigned, V-shaped sole lessens turf resistance and, the company says, leads to tighter shot dispersion.

The 4- through 7-irons have a maraging steel clubface on a steel chassis; the short irons are one-piece construction.

The Srixon Z 355 irons come in 4-iron through A-wedge (gap wedge). The 5-iron is 24 degrees, 7-iron 31 degrees and 9-iron 39 degrees. The 8-piece set has an MAP of $899.99 with the graphite shafts or $799.99 with steel shafts. The irons hit stores on Sept. 18, 2015.

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