St. John's University GPA, SAT and ACT Data

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St. John's University GPA, SAT and ACT Graph

St. John's University GPA, SAT and ACT Data for Admission
St. John's University New York GPA, SAT Scores and ACT Scores for Admission. Data courtesy of Cappex.

St. John's University in New York is a moderately selective Catholic university that admits about two-thirds of all applicants. To see how you measure up at the university, you can use this free tool from Cappex to calculate your chances of getting in.

Discussion of St. John's University's Admissions Standards:

To get in to St. John's University you're going to need solid high school grades, and above average standardized test scores can also help your application (the university is now test-optional, so SAT and ACT scores are not required). In the graph above, the blue and green dots represent accepted students. You can see that most successful applicants had high school averages of a B- or higher, combined SAT scores of about 1000 or higher, and ACT composite scores of roughly 20 or better. A significant portion of admitted students had averages up in the "A" range.

Keep in mind that grades and standardized test scores aren't the only factors considered for admission to St. John's University. This explains why there's some overlap between the rejected and accepted students in the center of the graph. Some students who are potentially on target for admission to St. John's do not get in, while others who are a bit below the norm are admitted.

The university's application also includes information on your extracurricular activities, a list of honors, and a personal essay of 650 words or fewer. Whether you use the Common Application or the St. John's Application, the essay is not required, but it is recommended. Applicants with marginal grades and/or test scores would be wise to write an essay--it helps the admissions staff get to know you better, and it gives you an opportunity to tell them something about yourself that my not be obvious from other parts of your application. For students who choose not to submit SAT or ACT scores, the essay is even more important for helping demonstrate your interests, passions, and college readiness.

It's also important to keep in mind that even though St. John's is test-optional for most applicants, test scores are required for home-schooled students, student athletes, international applicants, and any student who wants to be considered for the full-tuition Presidential Scholarship. You'll also find that a few programs at St. John's have additional application requirements including the submission of test scores.

To learn more about St. John's University including the school's acceptance rate, graduation rate, costs, and financial aid data, be sure to check out the St. John's University Admissions Profile.

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