Standard Business Questions

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There are a number of standard business questions used when making generally inquires into the nature of a company. The following dialogue covers a number of standard business questions. The reference section then provides variations and related business questions for a number of the standard business questions used in the dialogue.

Business Reporter Thank you for taking the time to meet with me today.

Manager: It's my pleasure

Business Reporter: Who do you work for?

Manager: I work for Springco.

Business Reporter: What does Springco do?

Manager: Springoco distributes health products throughout the United States.

Business Reporter: Where is the company based?

Manager: Springco is located in Vermont.

Business Reporter: How many people do you employ?

Manager: Currently, we have 450 people on staff.

Business Reporter: What's your annual revenue?

Manager: Our gross revenue is about $5.5. million this year.

Business Reporter: What type of distribution services do you provide?

Manager: We distribute to both wholesale and retail outlets.

Business Reporter: What sort of internet presence do you have?

Manager: We have a storefront, as well as an online forum.

Business Reporter: Is your company public?

Manager: No, we are a privately held company.

Business Reporter: What type of logistical structure do you have?

Manager: We ship from four regional warehouses.

Business Reporter: Where are your products manufactured?

Manager: Most of our products are manufactured abroad, but a number are also produced here in the United States.

Standard Business Questions

Who do you work for?


Which company do you work for?

Where do you work?

Related Questions:

What kind of job do you have?

What do you do?

What are your responsibilities?

What does X do?


What kind of business does X do?

Which business is X in?

Related Questions:

What type of products does X sell/manufacture/produce?

What type of services does X provide/offer?

Where is the company based?


Where is your company located?

Where are your headquarters?

Related Questions:

Where do you have branches?

Do you have any offices abroad?

How many people do you employ?


How many people does X employ?

How many people does X have on staff?

How many employees are there at X?

Related Questions:

How many divisions are there?

How many people are on staff in that branch?

How many people do you employ in (City)?

What's your annual revenue?


What's your turnover?

What type of revenue do you do?

Related Questions:

What's your net profit?

What are (were) your quarterly earnings?

What type of a margin do you have?

Is your company public?


Are you a publicly traded company?

Are you on the stock market?

Is your company privately held?

Related Questions:

What's your company's stock symbol?

Which market are you traded on?

Where are your products manufactured?


Where are your goods produced?

Where do you manufacture/produce your merchandise?

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