Standup Paddleboarding Basics

Getting started in any sport can be a challenge. Paddleboarding is no exception.  At first glance it SUP seems self explanatory.  You need a paddle and a paddleboard and that's it.  And yet, even a cursory look into the sport reveals there are many facets to it that affect price, performance, and paddling style.  Don't let the differences in board design and paddling type prevent you from adding SUP to your repertoire of outdoor sports. Here are some resources to help you learn all of the standup paddleboarding (SUP) basics.

Standup paddleboarding is quickly becoming the water sport of choice and while SUP might not be the most popular (yet) it certainly is the fastest growing. This article will help you to understand what the sport of SUP is all about. More »

Pelican Rush 11.6 Paddleboard Floating
The Pelican Rush 11.6 SUP with Gear. George E. Sayour

Every sport has its own jargon.  In SUP you'll need to know how to identify the different components of a paddleboard in order to be able to speak intelligently about it in the paddling community.  Here is the anatomy of a standup paddleboard.  Learning these basics parts will not only allow you to properly refer to them in conversation, it will help you to know what to look for in purchasing your first or next SUP. More »

Paddle boarding in NYC
Standup Paddle boarding in Manhatten. © by Mario Tama / Getty Images

Knowing about a sport and being able to get started in it are two different things.  This article will guide you into researching and learning about how to proceed into the world of standup paddleboarding.  It will help you think through questions such as where you will paddleboard, how much to spend on your gear, and what type of equipment is right for you.  Its surprising how many beginners never really consider these questions before they go out and purchase their gear.  Don't let that be you.  Start here. More »

Before you go out and buy a paddle board, you'll need to know how and where you will be using it.  Do you want to surf?  Fish from it?  Paddle whitewater?  Learn the differences in board design for all of these so that you don't just walk into a big box store and buy the coolest looking board you see only to find out it isn't the one you should have purchased. More »

The Pelican Rush 11.6 Standup Paddleboard
The Pelican Rush 11.6 SUP. George E. Sayour

Paddeboards are so much more than just a flat deck to stand on.  There are design features that must be considered.  Price is always a concern.  Materials play a large role in both.  And then of course there is where and how you will be paddling it.  A whitewater SUP is totally different from a surfing SUP.  Learn the nuances of SUP boards here. More »

Knowing all of the above is great and important.  But at some point you'll actually need to get out and paddle.  This article will help get you on the board and on your way to walking on the water.   Concepts such as how to get on the board, start moving, and properly executing the forward stroke will be discussed. More »

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Its About the Passion

 While the above articles and resources will help you to get your feet wet (pun intended) in the end every paddle sport is about passion.  Do you love to do it.  So, read up and research, but at some point you'll have to get out on the water and experience this sport that paddlers have such an affection for.