Star Wars Rumor Mill: The Plot of Episode 8

You shouldn't be reading this article...this article contains the plot to episode 8.  It could be wrong, but I don't frequently write about rumors unless they have a high probability of being true.  This information was found on the net from a reliable source that has often been right in the past, especially about information pertaining to The Force Awakens.  And if it is right, as I believe that it is, do you really want to ruin it for yourself now, a full year and a half before the real film?

 Why not go satiate your desire for Star Wars info by reading about Darth Vader in Rogue One and leave this article alone?

You've been warned!

Major Plot Spoilers Ahead!

Well, then, still reading?

Episode 8 is broken into three parts, each playing out simultaneously to one another as they cut back and forth.

The first part belongs to Kylo Ren, as he heals from his injuries, finishes his training, we get the back story to the Knights of Ren (and hopefully see more of them!), and he plots his revenge against Rey.

The second part belongs to Finn and Poe, on an adventure, which I won't describe here (hey, have to leave something as a surprise!)

The third part belongs to Rey and Luke at the Jedi Temple where Luke trains Rey how to be a Jedi.  Luke is reluctant to train Rey at first, as he's still bitter about the murder of his disciples by Kylo Ren when he started a Jedi academy (this back story is filled in, apparently).

 He consults the force ghosts of both Obi-Wan and Yoda, and decides he will train her.

After the training begins, Rey begins to suspect that Luke is her father.  And here's the shocking revelation within the film...

Luke informs her that he's not her father, she is his father!

Apparently, Luke learned at the Jedi Temple that whenever the Universe is in crisis and the Force is out of balance, the Force reincarnates The Chosen One - which was first revealed to be Anakin and in its most current form is Rey.

 Rey, we learn, also had a virgin birth.  She is, quite literally, a child of the Force.

What I like about this is that it expands upon Star Wars mythology that played a large part in the films, but which was never explained very well:  Anakin was the Chosen One that prophecy said would bring balance to the Force.  But who started the Prophecy?  Who chose him?  

This film explains all of it:  There have been thousands of Chosen Ones throughout the millennia.

Apparently, the Chosen One, because of the innate power within them, has always struggled between the Light and the Dark.  Just as Anakin did...just a Rey will learn to...

But then, before she can complete her training, Rey learns that Fey and Poe have been captured by Kylo Ren, a ploy to lure her out of hiding and to come face him.  Luke admonishes her to finish her training, but with her friends lives in the balance, she leaves prematurely to face off against Kylo.  (Starting to feel a bit like Empire of the Strikes Back?)

So that's it...what do you think?  Send me your thoughts at and I'll publish them in an upcoming article.

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