Why Start Your Blog on Blogger

Use Blogger's free services as you learn to blog

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Blogger, Google's hosted blogging platform, offers the cheapest cost of entry into blogging—it's free. Yes, Blogger offers free blog hosting, and you can even make a little money from it if you want to accept ads.

Big blogs may eventually move off to other platforms, like WordPress or Moveable Type, where the owners have more control over options and ad networks. Big blog owners like to host on these separate platforms because they have more control, but those hosting platforms come at a cost.

Learn the Ropes at Blogger

Starting out on Blogger and taking advantage of its free offerings helps you learn the ropes of blogging. You're not going to become the next internet sensation overnight, so you don't need to spend all your money on hosting fees. Your archived blog posts can be moved wherever you need to move them when you strike it big. Your feed can transfer, too. The barrier that holds a lot of people back from starting a blog on Blogger is a misconception that Blogger doesn't let you use your own URL.

Add a Custom Domain

Blogger has allowed custom URLs for quite some time, and they currently integrate with Google Domains for easy domain registration as you create your blog. A custom URL with Blogger costs only a few dollars, and you don't have to put any ads on your site. If you do put ads there, they're ads you profit from.

If you register your blog from scratch, a dialog that asks if you'd like to set up a domain. If you're editing an existing blog, go into Settings: Basic and choose +Add a custom domain. You can add either add an existing domain you've already registered or register a new domain right on the spot. It costs only a few dollars and registration is easy.

Free hosting, ads that potentially make you money (if you want to show them at all), and cheap domain registration—all this makes Blogger appealing to the new blogger.

Customize Your Blog's Appearance

Blogger used to force your blog to display a Blogger Navbar that united all Blogger blogs, but you could remove it with a few settings tweaks. However, Blogger no longer displays the Navbar. Choose among several default templates or upload your own template. Pick from a variety of free and paid templates that customize a blog's appearance. 

You can further customize your blog with gadgets. Google offers a large selection of gadgets, and if you have the skills, you can create and upload your own gadgets. 

Monetize Your Blog

Blogger integrates Google AdSense ads easily. You can also work out deals with paid endorsements and other monetizing strategies. Just be sure to abide by Google's terms of service for both Blogger and AdSense. AdSense won't place ads in adult-oriented material, for example. 

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