States and Capitals

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States and Capitals

Clip Art of a US Map with States and Caitals
Dixie Allan

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  • Here are few fun facts about some of the state capitals:
  • At 3,255 square miles Juneau, Alaska is the largest capital city. It's larger than the entire state of Delaware.
  • The Missouri state capitol building in Jefferson City has had some tough luck. In 1837, the first one burned down about ten years after it was built. Then the second one was struck by lightning in 1911 and burned to the ground.
  • Pierre, South Dakota is named after fur trader Pierre Chouteau Jr., whose family was responsible for goods that early Americans couldn't live without, like beaver hats. 
  • Albany, New York's great claim to fame is that perforated toilet paper was invented there. 
  • It's believed that the song "Jackson" that was made popular by Johnny Cash and June Carter is about the capital of Mississippi. In the 1960s that area of the state was known for wild partying and illegal gambling. 
  • The only royal palace in the United States can be found in Honolulu, Hawaii. It was used by Hawaiian monarchs from 1879 until the overthrow of the monarchy occurred in 1893.
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Clip Art of a Blank US Map
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