Steam Turbines - Charles Parsons

Charles Parsons patented the steam turbine in 1884

Charles Parsons' Turbine.
Charles Parsons' Turbine. LOC - 1911
  • The Steam Turbine
    The idea of the steam engine, which Charles Parsons patented in 1884, was not a new one. Hero of Alexandria had demonstrated a crude form of steam turbine around 130 BC.
  • Charles Parsons - Biography
    Charles Parsons takes out a patent for his new turbine engine in April 1884 and immediately utilizes the engine to drive an electrical generator, which he also designs.
  • Sir Charles Algernon Parsons
    Charles Parsons, amongst others, realized the need for a rotating machine or turbine to convert the power of steam directly into electricity. He built his first multi-stage reaction turbine in 1884, when he became a junior partner in the firm Clarke, Chapman and Parsons.