How to Play a Step Aside Scramble

Team of golfers in a scramble tournament
Tom Grizzle/Getty Images

The golf tournament format known as the "Step Aside" or "Step Aside Scramble" is a twist on a standard scramble: Each stroke played by the 4-person team (other than the drives) includes one golfer sitting out - or "stepping aside" for - that stroke.

This format goes by numerous other names, including Stand Aside, Drop Out Scramble and Stand Out. But it is best-known as a Florida Scramble. So, yes, a Step Aside Scramble and a Florida Scramble are the same thing.

We go much more in-depth, including recommended handicap allowances, into this format in our explanation of the Florida Scramble, so see that page for more. But we'll go over the basics here.

The Basics of the Step Aside Golf Format

Step Aside teams have four golfers. On each hole, all four golfers hit drives. They compare the results. Which of the four golf balls is in the best position? That ball is selected. So far, it's the same as a standard scramble. But from this point, the Step Aside's twist comes out:

  • Let's say Golfer B hit the best drive on Hole 1. So Golfers A, C and D pick up their golf balls and move them to the spot of B's ball.
  • Those three team members - A, C and D - then play their second strokes. But not B! B's ball was selected after the first stroke, so B sits out - or steps aside - on the second stroke.
  • Now compare the results of the second strokes. Let's say A's ball is in the best position. So B, C and D play third strokes from that location. A sits out.

    And so on until the ball is in the hole. On each stroke (except for the drive, which all four golfers play), one team member is stepping aside.