Steve Nix

Steve Nix - Forestry Expert.

Steve Nix is a professional forester and natural resource consultant.


Steve previously worked for a private forestry consulting company (5 years), managed a county forestry and wildfire unit in Randolph County, Alabama (8 years) and researched, analyzed and written about forest resources in the southern United States as a Forest Resource Analyst for the State of Alabama (18 years). Steve's articles and collection of data have appeared or been quoted in numerous newspapers, natural resource magazines and U.S. Forest Service technical reports. Steve retired from the Alabama Forestry Commission with 26 years of public service and has been a forestry information expert for since 1997. Steve is a continuing member of the Society of American Foresters.


Steve has a bachelor's degree in Forest Resource Management from the University of Georgia. Certificates earned include conservation law enforcement training at Jacksonville State University; forest wildland burning prescriptivist at Auburn University; forest pesticide application permit through the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Alabama Forestry Commission; Alabama Registered Forester #745 (from passing an exam in 1975 until state practice retirement in 2010), State Board of Registration for Foresters.

Steve Nix

Let me help you in your search for forest and tree information and forestry data on the Internet. You will find information on my site that enhances your skills when dealing with tree and forests, raises your environmental awareness, gives you national and regional tree information, helps you find a job in the woods or identify a tree.

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