Stewart Coggin

Stewart Coggin was born just south of London and now lives in England's capital. He has been a professional writer on world soccer for over nine years and a regular in Premier League grounds since turning 16.


Stewart started his career as a writer on Spain’s La Liga for Within a few months he was also coordinating the website’s Italian Serie A coverage, before taking over as Chief Editor in 2002. He oversaw the 2002 World Cup and 2004 European Championship coverage, while ensuring that the site continued to produce a comprehensive breakdown of the world's domestic leagues.

Stewart worked as a sub editor on, the English league’s official website, for over four years before turning freelance in November 2011. You can now read his work on the Eurosport website.


Stewart has a first-class bachelor’s degree in Journalism and English Literature from Kingston University, Greater London. He also has an NCTJ (National Council for the Training of Journalists) qualification.

Stewart Coggin

I have been a passionate follower of soccer since the age of nine. When considering career options as a teenager, I decided it would be a wise move to combine my two passions: soccer and writing. While living in England makes traveling to Premier League matches easy (I have been to over 250 games), I also like to take in live action from other countries, and have seen games in Rome, Barcelona and Mallorca over the last few years.

Soccer is the most popular sport on earth. Every week I relish traveling to grounds and covering such a multifaceted game.

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