Stirling Matheson

Stirling Matheson was raised to love cars by a man who once bought six Jaguars from a German post office. As a result, he's always liked the European take on luxury and the handling-focused ethos of European sports cars. Power is great, but not if you need to slow down to walking speed to corner.


Stirling has been writing about cars since 2009 for outlets like,, and Essential Style For men, where he's done everything from suffer through a week in a Buick Enclave to enjoy Willow Springs in a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series.


Stirling holds a degree in Dance (Pedagogy) from Butler University (he also directs Ballet Theatre of Indiana, a professional, non-profit company) and is a graduate of the Bridgestone Racing Academy.

Stirling Matheson

Unfortunately, I'm significantly slower than the other "Stirling" in the auto industry.

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