Strange Crow Behavior

Ronnie witnesses some very strange crow behavior, and it might have a frightening meaning

A few months ago, I was driving home from work in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. As I passed by the city's hospital, BMC, I saw something unusual. About 30 black crows were standing in the hospital parking lot, just staring at the hospital. I thought it was strange to see so many crows in one place because in my whole life, I've never seen more than four or five crows gathered together in any one spot.

As I watched the crows, I noticed that more crows were flying into the parking lot, landing, then just standing there staring at the hospital as the other crows were doing. I pulled my truck over to watch for a bit. More and more crows kept coming, and every time they landed in the hospital parking lot, they simply stood, unmoving, and stared at the hospital.

As I sat in my truck watching, the crows kept coming. Now there were hundreds of crows, with no end in sight. In fact, the groups of crows landing in the hospital parking lot were growing bigger. In the half hour that I had been sitting there, the crows now probably numbered in the thousands, but still they kept coming. I have never seen so many birds in one spot.

Usually birds will walk around, scratching and pecking at the ground or at each other, whatever birds do. But no, not these crows. They would land quickly, and immediately go into that unmoving, staring straight at the hospital stance, doing nothing at all, except staring.

It was very creepy. I never saw anything like that.

As I sat in my truck with the window down, watching the ever-landing crows, I noticed an elderly woman about to pass by my truck. I looked over at her. She smiled and said, "Are you watching the crows?"

"Yes," I responded, "and I've never seen anything like this."

The elderly woman replied, "Oh, really? Well, I've lived across the street from the hospital all of my life, so I've seen this happen on many occasions."

"Oh really?" I replied with surprise in my voice. And then I asked her the one question I hoped she could answer. I looked directly at the elderly woman and asked, "Do you know why the crows do that?"

The elderly woman looked at me with a creepy sort of smirk, and without hesitation she said, "The crows always do that when someone evil dies in this hospital."

With that said, she walked away and never looked back. I quickly drove away and never looked back. But I have to say this really creeped me out, and I wonder if anyone else has ever heard of crows doing this before, and if anyone has ever heard of this being related to evil people dying in a hospital.

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