Strange Tales: Which Story is False?

Three of the four stories are true; guess which one is fiction.
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Play the game! Determine which of the four paranormal stories is not true: Televised Premonition of September 11 Attack; Mysteriously Transported Across the Globe; Convicted by a Ghost; Out-of-Body Night Visitor. More »

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Strange Tales 18: Which Story is False?

 It's your job to determine which story is fiction: Mothman at the Johnson Space Center; Stranger in the Woods; The Haunted Bicycle; or Connie and the Ouija Board.

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Strange Tales 17: Which Story is False?

One of the reasons you and I find the paranormal so compelling is that its possibilities are so mind-bending. After all, paranormal means "beyond normal," and we're fascinated by reports of events and abilities that shatter the conventional notion of life as science narrowly defines it. But be careful... one of these four astonishing stories is false.
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Strange Tales 16: Which Story is False?

Guess which story is false: The Wronged Pilot's Ghost, Swallowed By A Whale, Poltergeists Wreak Havoc, or Voice from the Vent.

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Strange Tales 15: Which Story is False?

Here is the 15th, all-new installment of our popular game. You are presented with four stories of the paranormal and unexplained. Three of the stories are true, but one of them has been made up. It's your job to find the false story.

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Strange Tales 14: Which Story is False?

Can you tell when someone is telling a fib, making up a story or trying to fool you? When it comes to tales of the paranormal and supernatural, it can be quite difficult because by their very nature they are rather hard to believe. But that's the premise of our little game here - Which Story is False? You have to identify the false story.

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Strange Tales 13: Which Story is False?

Don't believe everything you read, the saying goes. That may be especially true for tales of the paranormal -- and certainly for this game. Here for your enjoyment is the lucky 13th installment of our popular game: Which story is false?

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Strange Tales 12: Which Story is False?

By their very nature, stories of the paranormal are fantastic... often unbelievable. Yet strange, unexplainable things do happen - every day. The thing is, are you able to tell a "real" story of the paranormal from one that is completely made up?

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Strange Tales 11: Which Story is False?

Which story is false: The Teleporting Boys, Citizen Abduction, Pinky the Mystery Beast, or The Haunted Highway.

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Strange Tales 10: Which Story is False?

Which story is false: The Rat King, Music of the Angels, The Detroit Ghoul, or Miracle of the Corn.

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Strange Tales 9: Which Story is False?

Which story is false: Doorway to the Past, Coincidence in the Wind, Ghost Ship's Skeleton Crew, or Man with the Magic Hands.

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Strange Tales 8: Which Story is False?

Which story is false: New Jersey Bigfoot Encounter, The Case of John Doe, Unexplainable, My Dear Watson, or The Pilot's Promise.

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Strange Tales 7: Which Story is False?

Which story is false: Amazing Synchronicity, The Voice Saved the Baby, The Blood-Seeking UFO, or The Cry in the Night.

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Strange Tales 6: Which Story is False?

Which story is false: The Ghost Ship of Phillip Greene, The Ghost Who Named Her Murderer, The Sea Monster of South Pender Island, The Phantom Accident.
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Strange Tales 5: Which Story is False?

Which story is false: The New Hampshire Dwarf, Flesh from the Sky, The Ancient Disc, The Ouija Message.

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Strange Tales 4: Which Story is False?

Which story is false: The Ghost in the Computer, The Hairy Dwarf from Outer Space, The Ghost's Revenge, Spontaneous Teleportation.

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Strange Tales 3: Which Story is False?

Which story is false: Ball Lightning Encounter, Phantom Bomb, Saved from the Snow, or Miracle at Lourdes.
Which story is false: The Past Life, The Comforting Ghost, The Green Creature of Arnold, or The Answered Prayer. More »
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Strange Tales 1: Which Story is False?

Which story is false: Saved by a Dream, The Double, The Uninvited Guest, or A Rip in Time.