Strings of Strikes

What to Call Each Series of Consecutive Strikes

Each string of strikes deserves a name. Listed here are blog posts detailing the proper names for each series of consecutive strikes along with their origins and current uses.

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Jim J. Bullock

Bowling ball striking pins (blurred motion)
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Jim J. Bullock frequently appeared on Hollywood Squares in the late 1980s. The first strike is akin to putting an X in Jim J. Bullock's square.

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Two in a row is a double. The reasons for this are mostly self-explanatory.

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The term "turkey" is derived from the late 1800s when bowling center operators would reward bowlers who threw three consecutive strikes by giving them actual turkeys.

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ESPN play-by-play announcer Rob Stone coined this term, causing much controversy among bowling purists. However, the term is gaining support and is even uttered by Pete Weber during the intro to each ESPN bowling telecast.

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It all started with Big Pete's Uncle Al. How did a mystery man's mystery uncle coin a bowling term? Read the blog to find out.

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The bratburger is an obvious extension of the brat. The idea is no matter how many foods you acquire, you remain famished.

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Ham-Turkey Dinner

A hambone (four strikes) plus a turkey (three strikes) equals seven strikes - a ham-turkey dinner.

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Named after Little Big Pete (LBP) in honor of surpassing the ham-turkey dinner and entering the realm of as-yet-unnamed streaks.

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Gordie Howe

Nine strikes is an amazing achievement, and anyone who gets there deserves respect. Gordie Howe, arguably the greatest hockey player of all time, deserves respect. Gordie Howe wore #9. Nine strikes in a row: Gordie Howe.

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A front 10, a middle 10, and a back 10. These are your possibilities. 10 strikes in a row is a huge achievement. More »

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One Day From Retirement

So close to a perfect game. One strike away. If you can knock down 11 strikes in a row, you are one away from being able to retire at the best moment possible.

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A perfect game. Twelve strikes in a row is the best anyone can possibly score in a single game of bowling, and that score is 300.