Strong Report Card Comments for Language Arts

A Collection of Comments Regarding Students' Progress in Middle School

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A comment on a report card is meant to provide additional information about the student's progress and level of achievement. It should give the parent or guardian a clear picture of what the student has accomplished, as well as what he or she has to work on in the future.

It can sometimes be hard to think of a unique comment to write on each student's report card. To help you find the right words, use this compiled list of language arts report card comments.

Positive Comments

Use the following phrases to make positive comments regarding students’ progress in language arts.


  • Reads eagerly during silent time
  • Makes good use of classroom library
  • Uses text and pictures to predict and confirm
  • Elects to read or look at books during free time
  • Takes home books from our classroom library
  • Compares books to others by the same author
  • Is choosing suitably challenging reading material
  • Has a good attitude about books
  • Reads with expression
  • Chooses suitably challenging reading material
  • Reads at __ grade level
  • Has good reading comprehension and decoding skills
  • Has read __ chapter books so far this quarter
  • It is refreshing to see that __ enjoys reading in his/her free time


  • Chooses to write during classroom free time
  • Shares their written work with the whole class
  • Writes legibly
  • Is a creative writer
  • Has a refreshing sense of voice, clarity, and style
  • Handwriting is very legible/a joy to read
  • Is very successful in note-taking
  • Works to make their handwriting legible
  • Has many interesting story ideas
  • Has well-developed characters in their stories
  • Works on their editing process
  • Is writing on a variety of topics
  • Is writing in a variety of styles: friendly letter, factual reports, imaginative retelling, poetry, fiction
  • Organizes their writing well
  • Applies skills to all written work
  • Puts a great deal of time and effort into their writing

Analytical Skills

  • Analyzes characters' actions
  • Analyzes story plots
  • Compares and contrasts similar and dissimilar ideas
  • Self-corrects
  • Asks thought-provoking questions
  • Uses imagination
  • Strives to be accurate
  • Explains themself clearly
  • Deduces meaning from information given
  • Is competent using the dictionary
  • Is learning to do independent research

Grammar and Vocabulary

  • Recognizes high-frequency words
  • Uses approximations for spelling, which is very appropriate at this time
  • Uses beginning and ending sounds to identify words
  • Spells many difficult words
  • Has a strong command of the English language
  • Uses correct grammar
  • Is developing a fine vocabulary
  • Uses expansive vocabulary

Verbal Skills

  • Is a major contributor at our brainstorming sessions
  • Produces oral reports that demonstrate knowledge and research skills
  • Speaks very well before the class
  • Listens as well as shares during classroom discussions and presentations
  • Communicates with accuracy
  • Retells stories in the correct sequence
  • Is eager to speak in front of a group
  • Is a good audience as well as presenter during our presentation time


  • Is rapidly mastering the fundamental skills
  • Shows increasing confidence and competence in...
  • Is showing good growth in...
  • Has shown an increased interest in...
  • Is trying hard and continues to make steady progress in...
  • Is making progress in all areas, especially in...
  • Strongest work is in the area of...
  • Has turned in extra-credit work

Needs Improvement

On those occasions when you need to convey less-than-positive information on a report card, use the following phrases. Note that you can easily convert comments from both groups into positive or encouraging ones.


  • Does not use classroom library
  • Does not choose books or writing as an activity for free time
  • Shows some attention to print, but mostly makes up meanings from pictures
  • Has trouble sitting still while listening to a story
  • Doesn’t seem to enjoy books or stories to read
  • I would like to see __ read for 20 minutes each day at home
  • Still making many reversals of letters, words, and phrases
  • Hesitant to read stories to the class
  • Struggles with reading comprehension
  • Has difficulty understanding what they reads
  • Needs to choose books at their own reading level
  • Is choosing books that are too difficult/simple for their level
  • Needs to take their time and think about what they reads
  • Skims quickly through books without attention to detail
  • Is unable to retell a story with much accuracy


  • Unwilling to rewrite or make changes in written work
  • Does not edit work carefully
  • Speech development may be hindering correct spelling
  • I would like to see __ check their writing more carefully before handing in assignments
  • Needs to work on creating stories that are realistic
  • Often forgets capital letters and punctuation
  • Their stories lack a clear beginning, middle, and end
  • Has difficulty getting their thoughts on paper
  • Needs to add more detail to their work
  • Handwriting indicates that student is inclined to hurry
  • Could improve their written papers with more attention to detail
  • Written work lacks description/detail/varied vocabulary

Analytical Skills

  • Cannot predict story outcomes with confidence
  • Is not making use of a dictionary or resource books
  • Is not using classroom library

Grammar and Vocabulary

  • Has difficulty with high-frequency words
  • Has a limited vocabulary
  • Lacks sight vocabulary
  • Needs to build their reading vocabulary
  • Has difficulty using reading strategies to decode new words
  • Needs to focus on rules of grammar
  • Reluctant to use approximation with word spelling, wants to be correct


  • Reluctant to speak in front of the group or whole class
  • Has trouble sitting while listening to a story
  • Has difficulty focusing on the assignment at hand during __ workshop
  • Gets discouraged when...
  • Wants to talk instead of listening to others share their ideas
  • I would like to see ___ participate more in more independent...
  • Is easily discouraged when...
  • Is hesitant to...
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