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Sample Welcome Letter to Students

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A student welcome letter is a great way to greet and introduce yourself to your new students. Its purpose is to welcome students and give parents an insight into what is expected and needed throughout the school year. This is the first contact between teacher and home, so make sure you include all the essential elements to give a great first impression, and set the tone for the rest of the school year.

A student welcome letter should include the following:

  • Personal information
  • Contact information
  • A description of your classroom behavior plan
  • A brief description of your classroom environment
  • Homework policy
  • Classroom supply list
  • A brief statement of your teaching philosophy

Below is an example of welcome letter for a first grade classroom. It contains all of the elements listed above.

Dear First Grader,

Hi! My name is Mrs.Cox, and I will be your first grade teacher this year at Fricano Elementary School. I am so excited that you will be in my class this year! I can't wait to meet you and start our year together. I know you are going to love first grade.

About Me

I live in the district with my husband Nathan and I have a 9 year old boy named Brady and a 6 year old little girl named Reesa. I also have a three kittens named CiCi, Savvy, and Sully. We love to play outside, go on trips and spend time together as a family.

I also enjoy writing, reading, exercising, yoga, and baking.

Our Classroom

Our classroom is a very busy place to learn. Your help will be needed throughout the school year and room moms are also needed and very much appreciated.

Our classroom environment is structured by a variety of hands-on learning activities, games and learning centers.


Communication is essential and I will be sending home a monthly newsletter about what we are doing in school. You can also visit our class website for weekly updates, pictures, helpful resources and see everything that we are doing. In addition to that, we will be using Class Dojo which is is an app that you can access to see how your child is doing throughout the day, as well as send and receive pictures and messages.

Please feel free to contact me at school through a note (fastened in the binder), by email, or call me at school or on my cell phone. I welcome your thoughts and am looking forward to working together to make first grade a successful year!

Classroom Behavior Plan

We use the green, yellow, red behavior plan in our classroom. Each day every student begins on the green light. After a student is not following directions or misbehaves they get a warning and are placed on the yellow light. If the behavior continues then they are moved to the red light and will get a phone call home. Throughout the day, if the students' behavior changes, they can move up or down the behavior system.


Each week students will bring home a "homework folder" which they will have activities to complete.

Each month a reading journal will be sent home as well as a math journal.


Students are required to bring a snack in each day. Please send in a healthy snack such as fruit, goldfish crackers, pretzels etc. Please refrain from sending in chips, cookies or candy.

Your child may bring in a water bottle each day and will be allowed to keep it at their desk to drink throughout the day.

Supply List

  • 6 large glue sticks
  • 1 pair of scissors
  • 2 boxes of 24 crayons
  • 1 pack of 12 #2 pencils
  • 2 pink erasers
  • 2 highlighters
  • 1 pencil box any size or color
  • 1 binder
  • 2 spiral notebooks
  • 2 -2 pocket folders
  • 1 box of tissues
  • 1 box of baby wipes
  • 1 box of quart size Zip Lock bags
  • 1 Lysol wipes

"The more that you read, The more things you will know. The more that you learn, The more places you'll go." Dr. Seuss

I look forward to seeing you very soon in our first grade classroom!

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Your new teacher,

Mrs. Cox

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