A Student's Guide to Surviving College Finals

From How to Prepare Before to How to Celebrate After and Everything Between

Stressed student studying in library
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College finals is often the most difficult time of the semester. Knowing how to prepare before, handle the stress during, and celebrate afterward can, therefore, become key elements to your success. Because who wants to blow an entire semester worth of work with a bad performance during college finals?

Preparing for and Managing the Stress of College Finals

How you prepare yourself -- intellectually and otherwise -- for finals week can have a major impact on your performance on exams and papers. So what can you do to make sure you're in tip-top shape?

Finding Help with Final Papers

Final papers may seem less stressful because you can do them in your room and (often) on your own schedule, but they sometimes take up a lot more work and time than an in-class exam. Learn the best ways to make sure your paper adequately reflects your mastery -- if not your sheer dominance! -- over the course material.

Finding Help with Final Exams

Ah, the infamous college exam: days (weeks? months?) worth of studying for a test that only takes a few hours. How can you make sure you walk out feeling proud instead of panicked?

Dealing with the Aftermath -- Both Good and Bad

No matter how you prepare for finals week, something unexpected inevitably happens -- either for the better or for the worse. Learn what to do in any post-finals situation.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember during finals week is, of course, to take care of your precious brain. Sure, you can study all semester, know the material, be ready to write a rock-star final paper ... but if you're sleep deprived, hungry, stressed, or distracted, finals week will get the better of you. Good luck!