74 Study Apps By School Subject

When you're gearing up to study in school, but your textbook, notes and the lecture aren't making sense or aren't complete, then perhaps you'd better download one of these study apps related to your subject in school. There are study apps for English, history, science, languages and math, and one or more of these is bound to help you through this semester and beyond.

Teachers and tutors, use these apps in class or after school to help further your teaching and give a leg up to struggling students. 

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The Lowdown: Whether you need to write better, improve your grammar, learn new vocabulary or understand what you read a bit more, these 20 different study apps will help you out. Essays, tough reading concepts, vocabulary tests and those darn grammar handouts don't stand a chance with these apps!

Just Plain Cool: One of the writing apps uses pics from your phone, Facebook page or camera to create your very own comic strip. Choose a template, add dialogue balloons, special stickers (think "Splash!" "Bang!" "Woosh!"), and photos, then let loose. Customize your text, colors, and font to create that graphic novel you've always been thinking about. This one is a must! More »

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18 Math Apps

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The Lowdown: Whether you're studying Algebra, Geometry, or Calculus or simply need a calculator or graphing app to help you make it through class, this list has you covered. Learn derivatives, solve AP Calc problems, play construction games and in general, flex those mathematical muscles.

Just Plain Cool: With one of these apps, kids as young as eight can learn algebra without making the leap into middle school. This game uses chess pieces that kids can use to balance sides of the equation. The game progresses even more and moves kids into linear equations with ease. 

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10 Science Apps

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The Lowdown: From Physics to Chemistry to Anatomy, these 10 Science apps have you covered. Video lessons, graphs and instant tutoring on circuitry, the human body, the Periodic Table of the Elements, mammals and more will keep your brain sharp and your grades up in Science. 

Just Plain Cool: One of these five-star rated apps allows you to design complex structures with a blueprints editor for everything from tree houses to ferris wheels and then simulates your design with a physics engine. Awesome even if you're not a science enthusiast!

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10 History Apps


The Lowdown: World and U.S. History is no longer relegated to clunky books or the History Channel. You can take it with you on your phone with these ten history apps which teach you everything from current political leaders to the history of the universe. 

Just Plain Cool: When you're interested in finding out what's happened in history where you're standing (whether you're running up to the store or trekking through the mountains on vacation), then this app is perfect. GPS locates you and gives you points of historical interest like architecture, battlefields, monuments, famous homes and more nearby. 


The Lowdown: These 16 study apps are perfect when you want to master Chinese, English and Spanish, and the four translator apps are undeniably efficient for helping you with a language when you don't feel like mastering much of anything.  

Just Plain Cool: Instantly speak another language voice-to-voice with one of these bad boys. Talk into your phone in one language and immediately hear yourself in one of 42 different languages. How cool is that? More »

What's Your Favorite Study App?

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