Study Skills for Intermediate Level Language Learners

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Learning any language takes practice - lots of practice! Often, it's difficult to know what you should practice. Should you watch a video? Perhaps, it would be a good idea to do a few quizzes. Of course, you should try to speak English with your friends. All of these are great ideas, but it's also important to build a routine. A routine will help you make studying English a habit. That's the best way to improve your English!

Make Learning a Habit

It's important to be exposed to many different areas every day. However, you shouldn't try to study too many different subjects. These suggestions take a short listening and reading as the basis for daily practice. You are trying to learn many new things, so don't try to learn too much in any one area too quickly!

Practice Routine

  • Listen - 15 minutes: You can enhance your listening skills through specific strategies.
  • Read - 15 minutes: Choose a subject you like to read about and read for fun.
  • Improve your vocabulary - 10 minutes: Take five minutes to write down all the new words you find in your listening and reading exercises. Keep a notebook, and write in the translation in your native language.
  • Grammar - 10 minutes: Think about what you are studying in English class (if you are taking it). Or, if you are studying by yourself, take out your grammar book and find one grammar point to review. Take a quick look at the grammar and then think about the listening and your reading. Did you hear or read these forms? How were they used?
  • Speaking - 5 minutes: It is very important to move your mouth and speak! Even if you only speak to yourself. Take five minutes and speak out loud (not silently). Try to quickly summarize what you listened to and what you read. Can you do it? Of course, it's better if you can do this with a friend. Find a friend and study together a few times a week. You can practice together.

That's it! Approximately 45 minutes a day, every day - or at least four times a week! If you continue to do this, you will be surprised at how quickly your English improves!

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