7 Study Tips The Geeks Use

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The geeks have figured something out. They're the ones scoring the 4.0 GPAs. They're the ones mastering every stinking thing the teacher/professor/adjunct hands him or her. They're the ones getting the scores on the SAT that you wanted. So, what gives? What do the geeks know that you don't? Well, for one, they know how to study. But guess what? You can learn their secrets. Here are seven study tips those geeks use to put the smack-down on everything school-related.

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You: You're a little nutty. You like to hang out with your friends, get on the social websites, and finally cram in some studying six minutes before the test. You have a tough time focusing on studying because there are just too many more fun things to do than sit there with a book.

The Geeks: The geeks use study skills tips for focusing. They figure out the top ten study distractors and immediately and succinctly eliminate them from their world. If their focus is momentarily lost due to sleep-deprivation, boredom or busyness, they use strategies to regain their focus to thwart it. Loss of focus is not an issue for geeks. Loss of focus should be scared that the geeks are coming for it. More »

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You: Multiple-choice, schmultiple-choice. There's a difference between an essay exam and a midterm? No kidding? The SAT is different from the ACT? No way.

The Geeks: Yes way. This study tip is easy. The geeks realize that dissimilar tests require dissimilar study methods. A multiple-choice exam and vocabulary quiz can be studied for in vastly different ways. The SAT is not even close to the ACT, and thus requires specific test strategies. These learning masters understand the exact processes to go through whether they have four or five days before the test. Yes, a day matters to the geeks. And if you're smart, it will matter to you, too. More »

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You: There's nothing more relaxing than plopping on the sofa at the end of an arduous day and cranking the volume on the TV. Oh. And studying while you're doing it. You grab some chips, wipe your greasy hands on the sofa blanket and half-listen to your sister/roommate/buddy yammer on while you casually learn a vocabulary word or two. Then you fall asleep during CSI reruns.

The Geeks: That ain't gonna cut it for the knowledge patrol. The geeks find a secluded hideaway, nestled between stacks of important books, with no less than three connection bars for WIFI. Research access? Check. The encyclopedias and peer-reviewed journals are an aisle to the left. Silence? Check. No one has even breathed in here for the last fourteen hours. Coziness? Not a chance. The geeks aim for comfort, so physical pain isn't a distraction, but coziness??? You must be out of your mind. Sleep is not an option during study time. More »

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You: Your iPod is your personal idol. You pray to it. It houses all of your sacred beats. There's no way on God's green earth you could think about studying without the stellar quirky style of the Barking Aardvarks and the dreamy, but deathy/punk screaming of Saliva. There's just no way.

The Geeks: The geeks scoff at your music choices, which is why this study skills tip made it on their list of study "musts." Music for studying needs to be, first and foremost, lyric-free. The geeks understand that brain space is limited; the precious words on your study guide cannot compete with the lyrics from your favorite tunes. Hence, you slash the lyrics and fill your brain with what's supposed to be there: facts, strategies, and common sense. More »

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You: Last week, you were supposed to memorize the first twenty-five presidents. You decided to study right before so when Ms. Fitz handed you the quiz, you could just hurry up and answer before you forgot. Failure. Franklin D. Roosevelt was the 32nd president, and Ben Franklin never even ran.

The Geeks: The geeks know better than that. They use acronyms, dweeby songs, poetry, and a world of devices you've never even heard of to memorize lists, dates and other facts for a test. They commit those items to long-term memory with Roy G. Biv, with repetition, with time, and with a whole lot of patience. The geeks live for lists of facts they'll probably never use in adulthood. To them, it's all about the GPA. And you may want to start thinking about that yourself, too, unless you'd like to lose your spot at your first choice to someone who can sing the Periodic Table of the Elements to the tune of Ten Little Indians. More »

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You: Remember the greasy chips? Yeah. That's just the tip of the iceberg for you. Study time equals junk food time in your world. You like cheese puffs with extra cheese, french fries with extra grease and Red Bull with extra oomph. Hot Pockets are your specialty – you can eat three without even coming up for air. If it says, "fried" you're on it, with extra bacon, dipped in ranch, smothered in something else fried.

The Geeks: The geeks know that feeding your gullet is the same as feeding your brain. If you give your belly what it wants all the time, your brain will slowly start losing cells until it liquefies and pours out of your ears. (This is scientific fact. And hyperbole.) The geeks fill up on healthy proteins, whole grains, fresh produce and pay attention to things like flavonoids, antioxidants, polyphenols and choline: ingredients found in foods that can help the ol' noggin function better. Grease? Only when the test has been thoroughly aced. More »

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You: You schedule is jammed with activities. You've got football/basketball/volleyball/tennis. You're in a band. You're in a club. You're in ballet. You're in love. You work, you have friends, and most importantly, you like to have a good time once in a flipping while. Is that so wrong?

The Geeks: No. But the geeks manage their time so they get to do everything they want (building rockets, hiking up their pants, laughing nervously around love interests), and still have enough time to study. With careful coordination and excellent planning, the geeks download a time management chart, plot their days and get rid of time drains. They schedule for the upcoming week so things like an unexpected shift at work or a pop quiz won't derail them. The geeks have time management down to a science. More »

Study Tips Conclusion

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Do you like to mop floors? How about fries? We know you like to eat them, but do you like to fry potatoes and put them in tiny, ineffective bags to give to your friends? Would you rather do those things than get into college? If so, then ignore this list entirely. The geeks will own you later on in life and you can serve them fast food, scrub their commodes, and forget you ever read anything beyond the instruction manual for the vending machine. If not, then memorize these study skills tips. They're designed to help you get the GPA you really want so you can get into the school you'd like to attend and hopefully, eventually, snag the career that would make you most proud.