StudyPoint Profile

StudyPoint’s Start

StudyPoint's founders Richard Enos and Gregory Zumas had a simple idea: to create a better alternative to impersonal learning centers and generic classroom instruction. Since 1999, they’ve stayed true to that goal, focusing on individualized, one-to-one instruction in the privacy of families’ homes.

StudyPoint’s continued focus on world-class customer service and convenience for parents and students has helped establish it as a national leader in the private education industry. Though StudyPoint was originally founded as a study skills program for students in the Boston area, it quickly emerged as the academic and test prep tutoring leader in 25 major cities across the country, specializing in ACT and SAT tutoring.

StudyPoint’s Test Prep Programs

In addition to their academic programs (which include math, science, and foreign language tutoring), StudyPoint specializes in tutoring for the major tests students will face throughout their middle school and high school careers—from the ISEE and SSAT to the PSAT, SAT, ACT, SAT Subject Tests, and AP exams.

Enrollment Consultants work with students to determine the best programs for them based on unique learning styles, academic and testing histories, and personalities.

StudyPoint Program Options

StudyPoint is not a classroom style or center-based program. They offer only one-to-one, in-home test prep and academic tutoring. Whereas most test prep companies began as classroom-based programs and only later began offering private tutoring programs, StudyPoint was founded as a one-to-one tutoring company. Each facet of StudyPoint’s test prep curriculum was designed with the goal of taking full advantage of the benefits of one-to-one instruction.

One of the most innovative aspects of a StudyPoint test prep program is StudyPoint’s Online Adaptive Homework Path. This interactive, online feature ensures that each student progresses at a pace most appropriate to his or her skill-level and testing ability, and provides each student’s tutor with real time updates on a student’s progress throughout the course of the program.

StudyPoint's Tutors

  • Tutors love teaching: StudyPoint tutors have to love learning and love teaching. They must have excellent communication skills and have the ability to work with parents and school teachers as well as their students.
  • Tutors have degrees: All StudyPoint tutors must have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree though many hold advanced degrees and/or teacher certifications. Many have earned their PhD or hold other distinctions within their respective fields or areas of study.
  • Tutors have experience: Tutors must have at least 2-3 years of prior teaching experience. Further, all prospective tutors are asked to participate in a mock tutoring session in their interview to assess their subject knowledge, teaching style, and general manner.
  • Tutors take the exams: Tutors interested in tutoring for either the SAT or ACT must first take a full-length ACT or SAT exam for consideration.
  • Tutors are graded: Tutors are evaluated by a family survey after each completed tutoring program, and receive an official review at least twice per year.
  • StudyPoint's Affordability

    While one-to-one, private tutoring is not a low-cost test prep option, its value far exceeds that of other, lower-cost test prep options. StudyPoint test prep tutoring is a premium service, but it can help students significantly increase their test scores, opening up new doors to college admissions and scholarship opportunities.

    StudyPoint’s Advantages

    • One-to-one instruction
    • Convenient, in-home tutoring
    • Flexible scheduling (including afternoons, evenings, and weekends)
    • Expert Tutors
    • World-class customer service
    • Cutting-edge test prep aids, including an adaptive online homework component for ACT and
    • SAT tutoring programs
    • Industry-leading Program Guarantees

    StudyPoint’s Guarantees

    • SAT: If a student completes a 30-Hour SAT Program and doesn't improve by at least 200 points from his or her junior year PSAT score, StudyPoint provides an additional 18 hours of SAT tutoring for free. Likewise, if a student completes their 24-Hour SAT Program and doesn't improve by at least 100 points, they will provide an additional 18 hours of SAT tutoring for free.
    • ACT: If a student completes a 30-Hour ACT Program and doesn't improve by at least 3 points, StudyPoint will provide an additional 18 hours of ACT tutoring for free. Likewise, if a student completes the 24-Hour ACT Program and doesn't improve by at least 2 points, they will provide an additional 18 hours of ACT tutoring for free.
    • New Tutors: If a student needs additional tutoring, StudyPoint provides new materials and a new tutor if requested.
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