These Stupid Fixes Are Surprisingly Ingenious

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There, I Fixed It!

Via There I Fixed It.

This is a load-bearing stack of books, thank you very much.

When something breaks, you have a few options. You can buy a new one; hire someone to repair the item; or you can try your hand at fixing it yourself. The problem is, not everyone is capable of making those DIY repairs, but that doesn't stop them from trying.  They may be perfectly capable, but they're not exactly competent.

When it comes to fixing things, these people are not exactly great at following directions, but they're all giving it the old college try nevertheless. These are the folks who think that there's nothing that can't be fixed with a little duct tape and "redneck ingenuity." These are the cheapskates who'd rather risk their lives and limbs than take their car to an actual mechanic. These are the college students who are too broke to buy a hot pot and instead find new and interesting ways to potentially burn down their dormitories. These are the budget engineers who figure anything worth doing is worth jury rigging into oblivion.

For those about to make shoddy repairs, we salute you! (Just don't ask us to actually use any of these items because we'd rather not die of electrical shock or whatever other bodily harm that your Frankenstein-esque repair jobs lead to.)

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Safety First. Or Second? Or, Just, Not At All.

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That straining bungee cord sure instills confidence, doesn't it? Just imagine what his airbag is made of.

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Speaking Of Safety

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When a plastic bottle of Dasani is all that's standing between you and homelessness, it might be time to reevaluate your life choices. 

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It Works, So It's Not Stupid

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Nope, we checked, and this is still stupid. It's also ugly and ridiculous, but hey, who among us hasn't done crazy things in the name of coffee?

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Check Out This Forkin' Belt Buckle

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"It's called fashion; look it up!"

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Take A Seat

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When three people sit on this sofa, they have to draw straws to see who gets the rock hard wooden seat.

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It Looks Funny, But It Works

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It's round. It functions as a wheel. It's affordable. What's not to like about this wooden wheel?!

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Doesn't Exactly Pass The State Inspection

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"Why no, officer. I have no idea why you pulled me over. Everything is perfectly copacetic. Nothing to see here!"

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No Spoon, No Problem

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How many times have you sat down to eat your sad desk lunch at work when you discover that you have no utensils? It stinks, doesn't it? Well here's a simple solution; just fashion yourself a paper clip spoon and enjoy your peaches. Totes legit.


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Something's Off Here

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But I can't quite get a handle on it.

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Hey Look, It's Franken-Truck

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"It's not weird; it's one of those fancy new hybrids! Part minivan, part truck, 100% awesome!"

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Shower Heads Are Expensive?

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Just make sure you rinse this bottle out really, really well. Unless you enjoy washing your hair and body with Mountain Dew residue, that is.

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The Boot Is A Nice Touch

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"Don't mind me; I'm just making dinner using these common household items. If my stew ends up tasting like a boot, I have no idea why. Nope, no clue whatsoever."

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Back The Truck Up

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Objects in mirror are cheaper and much, much weirder than they appear.

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BROOM! Goes The Dynamite

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Can you see out of the rear window now? YES, you can. So quit your complaining, fancy pants!

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He Wanted Hot Water; He GOT Hot Water

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Who's stupid now, eh? 

Okay, but seriously, how hot could this water possibly get? We're still willing to bet that stepping into this shower is one of the least pleasant experiences ever. Don't forget your shower shoes!

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Can't Be Beat

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A power drill and a pair of scissors can accomplish a lot. Who knew they could even help make... whatever this is.

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Ah, College

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Ramen noodles made in a Mr. Coffee. What will they think of next? 

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It's A Ceiling Fan. Duh.

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Duct tape: Is there anything it can't fix?

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New Headlights Are Expensive

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But flashlights are CHEAP. I think you know which one we choose!

Great work, DIYers of the world!

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