How to Submit a Sitemap to Google

Google logo on black background
Ethan Miller / Getty Images

Once you've created an XML sitemap, you want to make sure that the search engines see it and index your site. Learn how easy it is to submit an XML sitemap to Google.

  1. Create an XML Sitemap. You can create an XML sitemap by hand, or use an XML sitemaps generator to do it for you.​
  2. Login to your Google account and go to Google webmaster tools.
  3. Add your site to Google by clicking on the "Add a Site" button. You don't need to verify the site in order to submit a sitemap for it.
  1. Click on your site URL and then click on the plus-sign next to Site configuration. When it appears, click on the Sitemaps link.
  2. Click on the Submit a Sitemap button and fill in the URL of your sitemap XML file. It must be stored on the site that it's mapping.
  3. Google will check the sitemap and begin indexing your site as soon as it's determined the sitemap has no errors.