Subordinating Conjunction Quiz

Check your understanding of proper linking words in English

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1. _____ I was finishing my homework, she began cooking.
2. _____ as the students had completed their exams, their parents rewarded their efforts by giving them a trip to Paris.
3. He will let us know _____ he decides.
4. Mary is rich, _____ I am poor.
5. ____ you have the time, why don't you come for dinner?
6. _____ the test is difficult, you had better get some sleep.
7. _____ he loves music so much, he decided to go to a conservatory.
8. They won't be able to come _____ they have enough money.
9. We waited _____ he finished his homework.
10. We will have finished our homework _____ they arrive.
11. They received a high mark on their exam _____ they had studied hard.
12. She ate _____ I had left.
13. ______ the course was difficult, he passed with the highest marks.
14. We'll go to Kelly's to celebrate _____ you win.
15. We will finish ______ he arrives.
16. I have played tennis ______ I was a young boy.
17. _____ it was expensive, he bought the car.
18. _____ you need me, I'll be at Tom's.
19. I saw Jack ______ I went to San Francisco.
20. ______ she saves a lot, she won't be able to afford that house.
Subordinating Conjunction Quiz
You got: % Correct. You Know How to Use Your Subordinators!
I got You Know How to Use Your Subordinators!. Subordinating Conjunction Quiz
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 Congratulations! You have an excellent understanding of how subordinating conjunctions are used to link sentences in English. Keep studying these forms and you'll improve your writing skills. 

Subordinating Conjunction Quiz
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I got Keep Working on Your Understanding. Subordinating Conjunction Quiz
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 You understand and can use a number of subordinating conjunctions. However, there are a few that you haven't yet mastered. Don't worry, keep at it and you'll understand the few you haven't yet learned how to use. 

Subordinating Conjunction Quiz
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I got Review Subordinating Conjuctions. Subordinating Conjunction Quiz
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 Subordinating conjunctions are used to create complex sentences in English. You'll need to review these forms to help your writing skills in English. Don't worry, you'll understand soon.